What to feed a decorative rat

Decorative rat – cute and charming home animal, which is able to give its owner a lot of funny minute rodents this kind of mobile, smart, capable of all sorts of tricks and antics. However, like any other animal, homemade rat nurture and care, the main milestone which is proper diet rodent.

About what and how often to feed a rat decorative and in detail explain in this article.

Some General details on the feeding of ornamental rodent

Rat – undemanding animal and is able to eat all in a row, however, the animal is pretty selective tastes, and it will always prefer the food that he likes. Rodents of this species are distinguished by their intelligence and thus be able to differentiate between different types of food and make your own menu preferences.

Eating is a favorite pastime for rats, but they can get involved or, more generally, to eat what they can’t, so the pet owner should carefully relate to the selection and preparation of proper diet for the animal.

The food turned out better balanced diet for the special scheme, which implies that to give the animal regularly will be the following products:

Cereals. Lacidogna to form the basis of the diet you plan to feed homemade rat. You can buy special kits grasses in ZOOMARKET, cooking oatmeal cereal (without adding oil), to give boiled pasta, bread, boiled corn;

Vegetables, herbs and fruits – here is something you can “treat” and delicious to feed the rat every day. Moreover, “green” your diet is necessary to a full life animal, for his health. Do not feed your rat exclusively carrots and cabbage – these Pets love and need variety in a variety of vitamins;

Extra vitamin nourishment to the animal can be ensured by buying him a special enriched with trace elements and other beneficial substances treats. For rats in pet stores sell vitamin candy, sticks of candy;

Foods rich necessary protein of the rat also, but give them much less often than vegetables and cereals – enough to offer protein to the rodent once or twice a day. As protein foods you can use meat, seafood, cheese, cheese, yogurt. Don’t let the rat protein in large quantities – an excess of this substance harmful to the body of the animal, the rodents when abundant protein in the blood quickly grow old.

The diet of the animal must be regular – no food the rat is able to accommodate a maximum of two days. But to be zealous and to stuff the animal food constantly and should not be – rats are able to gain excess body weight and develop obesity.

In what portions, when and how to feed the animal

In the care of the animal is important not only to choose a diet food, but also to know how to feed the rodent a rat – how many times a day, what portions.

Veterinarians recommend initially to arrange for rat two-a-day diet and give her food in the morning and evening hours. Best of all – always at the same time. This approach ensures that the animal will be at least problems with digestion.

Two meals suitable for adults, but if a female rodent is pregnant, we feed her 3-4 times a day. Frequent meals and can be arranged for the younger pups.

Rats not drastically change eating habits – each new product is introduced gradually when feeding it in very small portions.

As for the size of the usual portions of food, on average, it should be 70-80% of your weight of the animal. For pregnant females and young males the proportion rises to 100%.

Which foods to be grain, protein and green diet for your pet

In the first section of the article we gave a brief description of schemes of a diet for ornamental rodent, but since rats are very picky with food, it is better to know in advance exactly what products to buy for feeding.

Let’s start with grain feed. The animals better not to give any specific kind of grain in pure form is buy the mixture or make them yourself. Decorative rat can also be fed with weed seeds, they especially love the dandelion’s seeds and quinoa. Let’s conventional seeds, but a little 10-15 beans per week in total aft animal would be sufficient. Sunflower or pumpkin should not be roasted or salted.

Rice should be in the diet of rats quite a bit, where better to make a mixture of buckwheat, wheat, millet, barley and peas.

Green diet for the feeding of domestic rodents is composed of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Grass meadow can be used – for example, chicory, shepherd’s purse, dandelion, plantain. Suitable garden greens – dill and parsley.

Do not put in the cage to pet the huge bundles of grass the animals eat them quite a bit, but make them hidden reserves, which later will eat bad grass, and it often becomes a cause of indigestion.

Rat home to feed vegetables and fruits not only possible, but necessary: through this power the rodent gets essential for growth and development vitamins.

Ideal for the nutrition of rats following fruits and vegetables:



cucumbers (cucumbers are the only fresh and never included in the diet for pregnant females and calves);












pears let us with caution and rarely.

As for the protein component, it must be small – enough to give the animal every two days a small piece of raw or cooked meat, mild and unsalted cheese, protein eggs or sliced boiled squid. Choose lean meat is better raw or cooked, not stringy beef. It is also useful to mix beef with poultry fillets.

Rats are very fond of egg yolks, so occasionally you can add an egg to your diet, you can finely chop half of a whole egg or add egg to crumb porridge.

As for dairy products, a couple of spoons of natural yoghurt rat won’t hurt the yogurt you can substitute low-fat sour cream (no more than 10%).

As an additional lure pet should occasionally giving dried crayfish, chicken bones (not tubular), nuts, acorns, meat baby food.

Taboo in the diet of domestic rats

In feeding sweet domestic animal is not only important to pick the right suitable products, but also know what not to feed your rat home under any circumstances, as there are a number of products that are literally poisonous to rodents.

Rodents not give a chocolate or other confectionery and sweet products, never offer soda, spicy smoked sausages, cheeses, especially with mold and salty cheese, petaco. By the way, contrary to stereotypes (including those drawn from American cartoons), mouse and rat are not avid lovers of cheese.

To eat can (world there are so many things that these rodents could not eat, or at least ” ponadkusyvat “), but in ecstatic delight one smell does not come, and generally are cool.

Gryaznov also fed legumes, do not give artichoke, licorice, green bananas and sprouted potatoes. It should also refrain from feeding Pets certain types of cabbage, in particular, the Brussels and red.

Collecting for rat herbal fresh food, you should know that some herbs are deadly for rodents. Among them include mistletoe, fern, Azalea, Lily of the valley, begonia, ivy, casting tomatoes, tulips and daffodils. Delicious food and good health for your pet!

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