What not to feed parrots

Tell the truth, and perhaps You will agree with me that living with someone under one roof, be it Your parents, brothers or sisters or other half, sometimes requires us small domestic or other kinds of “feats”. And if you talk about how to start budgies, then certainly have to Willy-nilly to make some adjustments in Your lifestyle. And better if You are ready for it in advance. Here are some main points that You should know:

The content budgerigar takes a lot of time. Wavy parrot is not a dog and not a cat, tame, and accustom to, it is far from easy. This will require daily patient work with Your pet. In terms of communication of volnistye particularly demanding, because it is a social bird. In the absence of proper attention in volnistov are depressed and morbid condition. In addition, time will be wasted on cleaning the cage (cleaning conditionally possible to divide on a daily, weekly, and monthly). Once again make sure that You will always have time for it.

Budgies are naturally very timid and afraid of noise. sharp sounds and their special moves. This is especially true in the adaptation period after the purchase of a parrot. So if Your neighbors are already resigned to the fact that You like loud music and watching TV at high volume at a later time,volnisty to put up with it won’t be exact (it will undoubtedly affect his health). But You have to put up with his roulades and trills, and even abuse, which would be early in the morning was or how would You not want to listen to favorite shows.

Get ready for what will have to be up early – parrots Wake up at sunrise. Soon after waking up your wavy parrot will want to have Breakfast, and You will have this Breakfast it to provide. So you have to reconsider Your sleep to the extent it is necessary the bird, as light conditions Your pet should be strictly adhered to – this will depend on the health of birds.

You may need to get rid of some houseplants. because they can be toxic to birds and cause poisoning if it is they will attempt (and volnistymi very curious). In any case, even if the plant is not poisonous, take care that the soil in the pot with feathered flower was unavailable. The eating of earth from flowerpots can lead to infection, to infection with helminthes eggs or acute poisoning.

Say goodbye to the candles, aromalamp, incense sticks, air fresheners and habit of choking in the bathroom. All this is dangerous to health when used in the room with the cage. Birds are very! sensitive chemicals and gases due to the peculiarities of the respiratory system. Here I would like to note that if You purchase new furniture in the room where is the cage, make sure it does not have a pronounced chemical odor (the smell of furniture Polish, glue and other corrosive chemical substances used for wood treatment, can be fatal for Your pet). Fact it is not necessary to directly place the cage on the furniture.

Cigarette smoke is just as harmful for birds as it is to You. So with the acquisition of a budgerigar will either abandon this bad habit, either Smoking outside his “Empire”. And don’t forget to wash your hands before contact with the bird, if You have recently smoked!

If the habitat of Your volnistye You have selected the kitchen (which is far from the best option!), keep in mind that in addition to the smoke, fumes and heavy smells of cooking food, a deadly threat for parrots may provide a Teflon or non-stick cookware. These coatings, when heated, emit substances that can kill the bird within a few minutes. This means that You have to discard any non-stick cookware, replacing it with tableware of stainless steel or other safe material.

And last but very important point! Volnisty of-a-kind small child – he always needs Your attention and care. And of course, it happens that small children are more or less rare, but sick. Remember that the bird will not be able to point You to their ill health directly, be attentive to her! Make sure that You have at hand was a special kit designed exactly for Your volnistye, as well as phone numbers, where You could have a specialized help!

Remember that the larger the information content of budgies You own, the better for You and Your feathered pet. If for any question You cannot find an answer, feel free to ask in our forum – You are always welcome!

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