Unusual Pets

The peoples of the Orient was made to keep as Pets crickets and cicadas . Suffice it to recall the many beloved cartoon about a Chinese girl Mulan and her friend cricket. In the Moscow Museum of art of peoples of the East can also see the old houses for the crickets – tiny ceramic jars or wooden boxes.

Crickets kept at home because of their unusual singing. In addition to crickets-the singers were in Ancient China and Thailand and “fighting” crickets . Fighting crickets were the favorite kind of entertainment and sport.

Worldwide there are almost 2300 species of crickets. In our country there are about 50 species. Best of all we are familiar with field and house crickets . The house cricket, singing behind the stove is a symbol of comfort. About him composed many songs and poems in the people. Crickets sing with their forewings, quickly rubbing them against each other. And the ears of the singer are in the tibias of the front legs.

At the bottom of the aquarium, where they hold the cricket you can put the moss and earth and twigs of this unusual residents need shelter, imitating their natural habitat. Experts say that the female crickets like to lay eggs in moist coconut flakes. The egg turns into larva, the larva in “nymph”, and then there is adult – adult. Stage fixed kukolki crickets do not happen – this is called incomplete metamorphosis. For all the cricket transformation takes about three months. A few days later, barely an adult cricket will new wings dried and he was ready to sing its little song.

The best singers of the palm are considered to be Indian crickets . Moreover, only males sing. The older the cricket, the better and more beautiful song. Especially trying they are taking care of females. To do this, they have their enchanting techniques. Creating a family, each male defends his territory of approximately 10 square centimeters. It is small, but guarded vigilantly. The stranger need to be careful otherwise he shall be broken off antennae. And cricket in broken tendrils becomes an outcast and loses orientation.

They are fed crickets vegetables, cut into small pieces, fruits, crumbs of white bread, chopped hard-boiled eggs, dried gameroom or Daphnia (fish feed).

In 2003, crickets recognized “Insect of the year” in Germany. This has made conservationists concerned about the environmental degradation, and require to take measures for the preservation of meadows and fields – and thus the habitats of many species of crickets.

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