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What to feed a decorative rat

Decorative rat – cute and charming home animal, which is able to give its owner a lot of funny minute rodents this kind of mobile, smart, capable of all sorts of tricks and antics. However, like any other animal, homemade rat nurture and care, the main milestone which is proper diet rodent.

About what and how often to feed a rat decorative and in detail explain in this article.

Some General details on the feeding of ornamental rodent

Rat – undemanding animal and is able to eat all in a row, however, the animal is pretty selective tastes, and it will always prefer the food that he likes. Rodents of this species are distinguished by their intelligence and thus be able to differentiate between different types of food and make your own menu preferences.

Eating is a favorite pastime for rats, but they can get involved or, more generally, to eat what they can’t, so the pet owner should carefully relate to the selection and preparation of proper diet for the animal.

The food turned out better balanced diet for the special scheme, which implies that to give the animal regularly will be the following products:

Cereals. Lacidogna to form the basis of the diet you plan to feed homemade rat. You can buy special kits grasses in ZOOMARKET, cooking oatmeal cereal (without adding oil), to give boiled pasta, bread, boiled corn; Continue reading

Unusual Pets

The peoples of the Orient was made to keep as Pets crickets and cicadas . Suffice it to recall the many beloved cartoon about a Chinese girl Mulan and her friend cricket. In the Moscow Museum of art of peoples of the East can also see the old houses for the crickets – tiny ceramic jars or wooden boxes.

Crickets kept at home because of their unusual singing. In addition to crickets-the singers were in Ancient China and Thailand and “fighting” crickets . Fighting crickets were the favorite kind of entertainment and sport.

Worldwide there are almost 2300 species of crickets. In our country there are about 50 species. Best of all we are familiar with field and house crickets . The house cricket, singing behind the stove is a symbol of comfort. About him composed many songs and poems in the people. Crickets sing with their forewings, quickly rubbing them against each other. And the ears of the singer are in the tibias of the front legs.

At the bottom of the aquarium, where they hold the cricket you can put the moss and earth and twigs of this unusual residents need shelter, imitating their natural habitat. Experts say that the female crickets like to lay eggs in moist coconut flakes. The egg turns into larva, the larva in “nymph”, and then there is adult – adult. Stage fixed kukolki crickets do not happen – this is called incomplete metamorphosis. For all the cricket transformation takes about three months. A few days later, barely an adult cricket will new wings dried and he was ready to sing its little song. Continue reading

Alphabetical list animal disease

We continue our series of articles dedicated to the care of their Pets and today let’s talk about what skin diseases in dogs occur most often and which of their first symptoms you need to pay attention in the first place. This approach will allow the owner to prevent the development of complex, hard curable diseases, which have not only significant financial costs but also can lead to serious complications. The material in this article is closely associated with the rules of bathing dogs I.

The direction of this article – dog for the children in the apartment: basic training methods. The material is a continuation of the cycle, which is dedicated to the preparation of the animal for life in a residential area with a small child. This is the fourth article from the series, links to previous material are located at the end of this article. Previously we discussed how to prepare your dog before the baby was in the apartment and how to organize their first contact. Today let’s talk about how to continue to train the animal in the process.

Continuing the series of articles on the theme – dog and a small child in the apartment. In previous articles we talked about why it is not recommended to get a dog when the house is a small child, how to protect children from possible problems that may arise, if the home dog, but also about the main methods podgotovitelno for an upcoming baby. At the end of this article placed the contents of the entire cycle, where you can go to a separate article on a particular topic. Parents.

Continuing the series of articles on the topic – the dog and the child in the same house. Continue reading

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