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Scientists: dogs know your enemies

A team of scientists led by Kazuo Fujita conducted a study regarding the reaction of the dogs to the enemies of their masters, and drew attention to the fact that dogs clearly distinguish the emotional connection between people and show the same relation to man as their master. Dogs have a high tendency to specific socialization and can form with its owner and members of his family “pack”, supporting General attitude towards others, avoiding enemies family and welcoming friends.

Were studied three groups of dogs, consisting of 18 individuals, used role-playing games in which the owner was required to open the box, in all three groups, the host was accompanied by two people that the dog did not know. In the first group owner is actively arguing with the two people who actively refused to help and showed aggression. In the second group he talked friendly with the person who agreed to help. In both groups, the third was just a neutral participant-observer. The third group was just a control, not a single person interacted with the owner. The whole performance was going on outside, and the dog through the window could watch. Then the dogs active participant suggested food. Dogs who see their master hurt, did not take food from the hands of the “enemy”, the dog who saw neutral or friendly attitude, took food better, and friendly attitude toward the giver.

It was first recorded social reaction pet dogs that reacted to the emotional background of the owner and making their conclusions. This ability is the main factor that determines the behavior of dogs in society, it also showed that the animals are not indifferent to the relationship between the owner and the other person. Continue reading

Alphabetical list animal disease

We continue our series of articles dedicated to the care of their Pets and today let’s talk about what skin diseases in dogs occur most often and which of their first symptoms you need to pay attention in the first place. This approach will allow the owner to prevent the development of complex, hard curable diseases, which have not only significant financial costs but also can lead to serious complications. The material in this article is closely associated with the rules of bathing dogs I.

The direction of this article – dog for the children in the apartment: basic training methods. The material is a continuation of the cycle, which is dedicated to the preparation of the animal for life in a residential area with a small child. This is the fourth article from the series, links to previous material are located at the end of this article. Previously we discussed how to prepare your dog before the baby was in the apartment and how to organize their first contact. Today let’s talk about how to continue to train the animal in the process.

Continuing the series of articles on the theme – dog and a small child in the apartment. In previous articles we talked about why it is not recommended to get a dog when the house is a small child, how to protect children from possible problems that may arise, if the home dog, but also about the main methods podgotovitelno for an upcoming baby. At the end of this article placed the contents of the entire cycle, where you can go to a separate article on a particular topic. Parents.

Continuing the series of articles on the topic – the dog and the child in the same house. Continue reading

Unusual Pets.

Some people like the house keep the dog, others prefer cats, third like parrots. But there are some unique instances, which prefer unusual Pets . For example, in Australia one lady every day walking his crocodile, in England a man goes on the train with his deer, and a family from South Africa actually got a giraffe.

What unusual Pets are there? Learn from today’s rating.

So, 10th place. Piranha.

This unusual pet is definitely not for the faint of heart. Piranhas don’t even hesitate to eat the hand that feeds them.

In nature, the alligator tries not to catch the eye of the piranha. Because these fish eat any living creature that gets in their way.

The teeth of the piranha fish as sharp as a razor. It is not easy to bite your finger or a stick.

So only experienced hobbyists will be able to cope with this unusual pet .

9-th place. Tarantulas.

Despite popular belief, as a rule, they are not dangerous to humans.

By the way, popular Italian dance “Tarantella” was due to an old belief. Previously considered, if the person bitten by the tarantula, then it certainly appears the disease called”tarantism”. And to avoid this, the person is obliged to dance to the fiery music up until finally exhausting and not fall from fatigue. Continue reading

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