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What to feed a decorative rat

Decorative rat – cute and charming home animal, which is able to give its owner a lot of funny minute rodents this kind of mobile, smart, capable of all sorts of tricks and antics. However, like any other animal, homemade rat nurture and care, the main milestone which is proper diet rodent.

About what and how often to feed a rat decorative and in detail explain in this article.

Some General details on the feeding of ornamental rodent

Rat – undemanding animal and is able to eat all in a row, however, the animal is pretty selective tastes, and it will always prefer the food that he likes. Rodents of this species are distinguished by their intelligence and thus be able to differentiate between different types of food and make your own menu preferences.

Eating is a favorite pastime for rats, but they can get involved or, more generally, to eat what they can’t, so the pet owner should carefully relate to the selection and preparation of proper diet for the animal.

The food turned out better balanced diet for the special scheme, which implies that to give the animal regularly will be the following products:

Cereals. Lacidogna to form the basis of the diet you plan to feed homemade rat. You can buy special kits grasses in ZOOMARKET, cooking oatmeal cereal (without adding oil), to give boiled pasta, bread, boiled corn; Continue reading

Breeds of domestic cats

Today in the world there are many different felinological organizations that develop standards and registration of breeds of cats. The standard of the breed is its full description. Each felinological organization has a certain number of registered breeds.

So you’ve decided that you are ready to become a happy pet owner. First you have to determine what breed of cat is right for you. Each breed has its own characteristics and quality, and is therefore suitable for certain types of people and lifestyles. Do not choose a specific breed based only on her appearance, because in the end, the breed may not be suitable to your outfit and lifestyle.

In our directory of cat breeds provides information about the history, appearance, health, character, care and cost of all breeds of domestic cats. We will help You select a breed based on your lifestyle, living situation and qualities that you would like to see in a cat.

What breed is right for you?

Directory of cat breeds

Abyssinian cat

The American cat

American curl

Balinese cat Continue reading

Exotic animals

In today’s world of great opportunity and diversity are increasingly people, especially in large cities, chosen Pets are not a cat or dog, and even hamster, and some exotic animals. Contact owners of affected exotic animal veterinarians are not uncommon. Usually an appointment bring parrots and turtles, rarely lizards, snakes, other animals.

Most often disease of the pet is connected with the violation of the conditions or improper feeding.

“Daddy! Mom! Let’s take the dog! Well at least the cat!” It is difficult to resist the request of the beloved child, but they need quality care, requiring time and money. and parents are taking on a familiar and seemingly ordinary turtle or parrot, all the singularity which appears if you encounter any problems. And after walking around the Bird market in houses has unusual animals that are bought, not even knowing how to properly care for them or listening to the seller telling that to contain them is not difficult, you know, clean the cage, Yes the rash food.

A large number of exotic animals usually appear in summer. They are brought from the South, vacationers. Usually bring turtles caught themselves or purchased from sellers of “living toys”. And in that and in other case you risk.

The animals caught in the wild, usually sargentini and external parasites, which is not innocuous. Known, for example, cases of human infection with salmonellosis from reptiles. There is also a risk of infecting other Pets from decoyman animals. Continue reading

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Exotic animals
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