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Breeds of domestic cats

Today in the world there are many different felinological organizations that develop standards and registration of breeds of cats. The standard of the breed is its full description. Each felinological organization has a certain number of registered breeds.

So you’ve decided that you are ready to become a happy pet owner. First you have to determine what breed of cat is right for you. Each breed has its own characteristics and quality, and is therefore suitable for certain types of people and lifestyles. Do not choose a specific breed based only on her appearance, because in the end, the breed may not be suitable to your outfit and lifestyle.

In our directory of cat breeds provides information about the history, appearance, health, character, care and cost of all breeds of domestic cats. We will help You select a breed based on your lifestyle, living situation and qualities that you would like to see in a cat.

What breed is right for you?

Directory of cat breeds

Abyssinian cat

The American cat

American curl

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Dog training

We (me and my wife) long enough to attend dog training. Sports training. A long time – since 1992. First as athletes with their personal dogs, then as instructors with the team of our club “Sokolniki”. ‘ve seen a lot of dogs: courageous, tough, aggressive, cowardly, kind, sleepy, temperamental, reactive, strong, weak, purebred and mongrel – all. Without dogs we already difficult, in General, to live.

Now in our family lives Belgian shepherd dog, Malinois – Snap (Snap Vyatkins ). Decided to keep a blog, which will regularly write about how we raise the dog, what difficulties faced, how they overcome, how to train a dog for sport. Think it will be interesting to very many people wanting to get a dog and do not represent from what to begin. Maybe our experience will be useful to someone.

In addition to stories about the content and training their own dogs, we will tell about our experience of training a variety of dogs on our site (Sokolniki, Moscow ). Nurture your dog with us. Come to train with us. Make your dog educated and get pleasure from her society.

Came another long-awaited issue of the journal “World of training”. This room features our article about how we recommend choosing a dog and breeder; what to pay attention to; what points are important and which are secondary. Maybe it will be useful to people who are looking for a dog for sport, for protection, or just a healthy dog with a normal nervous system for outdoor activities.

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Best hypoallergenic cat breeds for people with allergies

In Russia, are allergic to cats and other Pets from 6 to 10 million Russians. If you suffer from allergies, but love and want to get a cat, then you are interested in hypoallergenic cats. But what do you mean Hypo-allergenic cat? This is a cat which is missing an allergen, or “hypoallergenic” cats typically produce fewer allergens than “regular” cats. The key word here is “less”.

A protein (Fel D1) is the allergen in cat saliva that it creates problems for people with allergies. As soon as your cat licks its shersty, allergen-Laden evaporates and becomes air, popadaya in your nose. Some cat breeds produce less of this protein than others, making them hypoallergenic.

Some factors affecting the production of the allergen in cats:

Male cats produce more allergen than females

Intact males produce more allergens than neutered males

Dark cats tend to produce more allergens than light (nobody knows why)

Kittens produce fewer allergens than adults

Thus, light cat better suited for people with allergies.

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