Top 10 unwanted Pets or who just do not want to start.

Among the large variety of animals that could potentially be your Pets, it is difficult to choose the one that suits you the most. There are a number of animals that can be a great addition to your family, but even more – which require special conditions of detention. There are a lot of animals as Pets and unwanted communication with them is unsafe. Consider this top ten.

Lemurs, monkeys, chimpanzees, baboons – they are all in the category of primates. They are cute and remind us of little children, but are not. Many owners treat them like small children: they wear diapers, rolled in wheelchairs… When primates get angry, they start yelling and freaking out. But the biggest problem is the primates can start freaking out at any moment, as they do not have consciousness, or bite their owners. As carriers of diseases such as hepatitis a and AIDS, the primates can fatally infect.

Panthers, lions, tigers, leopards are wild cats, which are often contained as Pets. Wild cats are strong and dangerous. First of all, they are predators, and takamimusubi to stay at home. Do not feed you pet on time – it is angry and may attack you. Considering their great weight, it is clear that you have this kind of wrestling has little chance.

These snakes can kill you in one bite, and, most likely, you will have to wear constantly the antidote. Some cobras can spit their venom in your eyes, why you may come a painful shock and blindness. There are many snakes that are poisonous and safe for you. You must fully comply with security measures: the snake can see the neighbors.

Although adults can weigh over 700 kg, many consider them cute Teddy bears. People buy bears for many reasons, but the cubs quickly grow… the Bears tower over us, standing on its hind legs, and can get us or even kill with a swift blow of the paw. Whether trained bears? Possible. Reliable? I don’t think so…

The coati – a kind of raccoon. Their homeland – South America. The coati is omnivorous, require fencing. They are very active, but they are not untrainable. They have 38-40 sharp teeth, forage feed on, require a lot of mental stimulation. Too early to consider them as Pets, they are still very wild and can hurt you bite.

Bats are nocturnal. We can say that bats are very cute and intriguing, but the less you touch, the better for you. You can still get the disease as a zoonosis. In addition, you at home will not be able to create suitable conditions for this animal. They can live over 30 years, sleep for a few months in the cold. They feed on insects, fruits and blood in the night. Do not bring these mice to your house, if you care about your health.

Being the ancestors of dogs, wolves and coyotes too weird to live with people. They obey their instincts. They hunt when hungry, can sleep all day. If the wolf feels threatened, it will attack. The wolf can kill a moose and feel the most sick animal in the herd, even if this animal shows no symptoms. As big cats and bears, wolves are far from allowed, so they can’t be trusted. Volcani also become popular as Pets, but they are not much different from their cousins, so they too should be avoided.

Kinkajou – another kind of raccoon that has gained popularity in recent years. It is smaller than the coati, but has the same sharp teeth and very active. Kinkajou – nocturnal creatures, and, as we know, often become aggressive. They especially do not like when they Wake up: kinkaju will scream and can attack on its owner and bite him.

Think crocodiles are harmless? You change your mind. The crocodile may reach a length of 4 m, it is not difficult to kill prey as large as cattle. Most homes cannot accommodate such a large predator. Crocodiles can infection infect you by biting you, causing you to have to amputate limbs, to knock you off your feet with its tail and break you legs. They can even kill you with the force of the bite over 900 kg!

Except for the foxes-the Fennec Fox, I don’t recommend that you keep foxes as Pets. They can become at first look docile, but actually they don’t deserve your trust, and especially dangerous for your children. They are not domesticated. They have a musky odor that is far worse than a ferret. The foxes have sharp teeth, like any other predator. Funky foxes can submit to their wild instincts and cause you and others harm.

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