To have or not the second cat?

In previous articles we described what problems may arise for owners of multiple cats. I hope that this will not change Your intention to get another pet.

So, setting the stage for another cat, you need to remember a few nuances, so that You have fewer problems.

Easiest way to make friends would be two kittens or two cats-teenagers. Usually, they start to make friends almost from the first day. Kittens fresh memories of their brothers and sisters, they used to live in a society similar, territorial behavior has not yet emerged.

Adult cats can treat a kitten differently and a lot depends on how You befriend them and introduce in the early days.

The single most undesirable option is to bring the kitten to the old cat. Cats in old age usually suffer from diseases, prone to shyness and playful newbie only annoying.

For an elderly cat companions will only fit an adult quiet and friendly other cat.

The perfect friend to all cats could be an animal whose sex is opposite to Your cat and the age of 3-7 months. But in this case, if You plan to breed cats in need of castration or sterilization. Interesting is the fact that kastrirovaniem very caring and friendly young cats. Therefore, a pair of neutered male and non-sterilized cat – very good.

Choosing a cat for company is already living in your cat, pay attention to the characters, choose the most quiet and sociable cat companions. Consult with a former cat owner, You want to take, find out from him how this cat communicates with his tribe.

Not risking to get problems when the second cat, we suggest You 2 options:

1. To have a kitten with a cat-mother. Best of all, if it’s a male cat (don’t forget about castration). If You already have a cat, you just leave a kitten-son.

2. At the same time to get two kittens, preferably from the same litter.

In these cases, You don’t have to introduce the cats, of course, even this does not guarantee the absence of conflicts between them in the future, but to reconcile them later will be easier.

And what to do if You already have a cat and then for no apparent reason You find another kitten? Usually people choose kittens and already find yourself in front of this situation is the cat that lives for many years with You and the kitten-podebradka.

And of course, to acquaint them not to be. First, isolate the kitten from adult cats until then, until you make sure there are no fleas and not show the kitten the vet.

Just making sure in the health of the beginner, to introduce them.

If the school second cat included in Your plans, answer the following questions.

Do You really need a second and maybe third and fourth cat?

Fashion on the rocks, children entreaties, entreaties of friends to take the kitten doesn’t count. Remember that 2 cats in the house is almost 2 times as much wool in the house, more costs, more time for affection and play. Some people think that 2 cats will entertain each arc and play. This is true, but not always, if cats do not get along, instead of games You get a lot of problems for the resolution of conflicts and cat fights.

Cats, unlike dogs, is not socialized and get used to living alone and 2 cats without the help of the owner will not solve their conflicts.

The second question – and whether is a friend or a friend of the cat that lives with You?

Just keep in mind that having 2, 3, 4 and so on cat, you need to have room to isolate them from each other. It is necessary first to explore, then in the event of conflicts cats. And this is not enough suitable premises type bath or toilet. Be prepared for the fact that cats will need to close from each other for weeks.

Do not reply to this question from the point of view of the person without society anywhere. Cats are different from us. Your pet cat is a talker who loves to spend hours looking out the window can turn into a closed and clogged the cat, if You will take a more active cat to her friends. A playful and active cat may become aggressive fighter that the day will protect their territory from new cats.

Be sure to consider the nature of the old-timers and the character of a beginner. Some cats are just not cut out for life with another cat, especially after having lived alone for several years.

Try to objectively assess Your desires, capabilities and desires living in your cat before you get another animal.

Seven times think, once make, than to suffer from tics, scandals and clashes cats.

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