Tips from the vet

In this section I have collected the most popular and important questions that you send us, and asked my vet to give them concise and clear answers. By the way, each of you can also ask any questions to our specialist. The answers you will receive shortly on your mail and the most interesting of them will be posted here.

How to feed your pet?

When choosing a diet for your pet, the owner must decide what type of feeding them will be selected: home products or finished feed for animals in industrial production (mixing two types of diet is not recommended).

When choosing a home diet, you need to remember that the diet should be varied, but do not include semi-finished products, fatty, fried, smoked, salty foods.

Recommended products for nutrition of animals:

lean meat (beef, chicken, Turkey, pork), rice, buckwheat, cottage cheese, kefir 1% fat, vegetables (zucchini, carrots), fruits (apples), berries (strawberries, raspberries be wary, black currants), egg, chicken 1 time a week, a multivitamin.

When choosing industrial type of feeding animal it is recommended to use products of premium class (Hill’s, Eukanuba, Yams, Pro Plan and analogues) and to avoid feed economy class. It should be remembered that in this case the animal should receive only selected food with adherence to daily doses. Clean fresh water should be freely available at abitimo feeding.

How often you must vaccinate the animal?

We recommend the following vaccination scheme:

2 months is a complex vaccine without rabies.

In 3 months – revaccination with rabies.

In 1 year the vaccine complex the vaccine, including rabies.

Every year at the same time – a comprehensive vaccination vaccine rabies.

Vaccinations are recommended throughout life of the animal. 10-14 days before vaccination deworming is necessary (to get rid of possible worms).

How often a pet needs chase worms?

Recommended prophylactic deworming of animals 3-4 times per year. Currently on the market of veterinary drugs there is a wide choice of anthelmintic with different routes of administration (tablets, suspensions, drops on the withers), different manufacturers and different price, such as Drontal, Cancancel, Prazitsid, Pratical, Trontsil, Febtal, Castel, Aironet, etc.

It is recommended to rely deworming schedule so that one of the procedures was carried out for 10-14 days prior to vaccination.

How often and what drugs you need to handle the animals from fleas and ticks?

Currently veterinary pharmacies and pet stores offers a wide selection of drugs for treatment of animals against ectoparasites (fleas and ticks) with different terms of protection and methods of use (drops on the withers, sprays, collars). Any treatment necessary, after consultation with the veterinarian who will choose the right drug individually. Prophylactic animals can be treated based on the period of action of the drug, reading the summary or consultation with the seller. It is particularly important to note that in the warm season, the animal may be attack of ticks and it must be processed at least 1 time a month (frontline, Advantix, Hards, Biafar, Bolfo, Stronghold, etc.).

Vet prescribed my cat a course of vitamins, and she refuses to eat by herself. How correctly and quickly to give a cat a pill?

As a rule, a cat has extremely negative attitude to the procedure for feeding tablets and other dosage forms of drugs. But if you find yourself in a situation where it must be done, we must act confidently and quickly. Gently open the cat’s mouth and try to put the pill on the tongue root. Then hold mouth and stroke the cat by the throat. You can also enter a small amount of fluid from the syringe without the needle. Some drugs can also be crushed, mixed with a small amount of water or feed, and inserting into the mouth in the form of suspension of a spoon or via a syringe without the needle. But be sure to pre-consult with a veterinarian, as some medications should not be crushed or taken with food. You can also use special devices (tablequeryframe) that you find at the pharmacy or pet store.

Our cat Barsik has lived with us for two years. Whether it is necessary to banish worms the cat, if he lives in an apartment and never going out?

Of course, an animal that lives in the apartment and not out on the street, less risk of helminth infection, but the infection is not eliminated completely, as contact with the environment anyway going through clothes and shoes owners. So even those animals that are in urban apartments, we recommend deworming 3 to 4 times a year.

Our cat after his arrival from the country was often shaking ears and scratching them. We clean her ears almost every day, but each time they still very dirty. She might need some drops for the ears?

You described the symptoms very similar to symptoms otodektoza, parasitic disease caused by ear mites. And simple mechanical removal ear problem, unfortunately, is not solved. For definitive diagnosis you need to take a swab from the ear canal for microscopic examination and according to the results of specific treatment administered. Don’t delay problem “in the closet”, because it can lead to chronic otitis, which would have to be treated for a very long time.

How often should I cut my dog’s nails and how to do it?

It is individual for each animal. Often the dog nogtevoy grind the plate while walking (especially on hard surfaces), but if the load is insufficient, the claw can grow back faster than you can grind off. If the dog is standing on a flat surface, the nails should not touch the floor and certainly must not lead to incorrect setting of the fingers. This is especially important for puppies, as long the claw may lead to deformation of bones forming the fingers. In addition, when regrowth nogtevoy plate blood vessel feeding it, also becomes longer and when cutting to normal length, you can injure him, that will bring discomfort to your animal. For trimming the claws of the dogs in the home need to purchase a special nail clipper (they are available in different sizes and modifications) or turn to the veterinarian.

Dog, 4 years old, poodle, Chapa, we never mated. Last year and a half after estrus much swell, the nipples, the dog is worried, not eat well. Is there a serious cause for concern or is this normal?

Judging by the symptoms you described, your dog has the so-called “false pregnancy”. To solve this problem it is necessary strictly individually for each animal. In one case, no need to specially treat and small enough preventive course of homeopathy, in another only helps the sterilization of dogs. Because these symptoms may indicate the violation of hormonal background of the organism, about the presence of diseases of the ovaries (such as cysts) and other pathologies. There is also a danger that each time the disease will progress and will lead to mastitis, abscesses and other extremely unpleasant for the dog consequences.

How to weigh a cat? I need to give my Ksushka a cure for worms, and she doesn’t want to stand on the scales or second.

Try to stand on the scales together with a cat, note the weight, then weigh in without the animal. Then subtract the second number from the first, and you get the weight of your cat.

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