The Nile lizards are attacking Pets

In the USA in Florida dangerously expanded population of Nile lizards, which because of its quantity began to prey on domestic animals such as cats and dogs. Four-foot lizards were originally adopted for a large iguana, but unlike them, they have greater rapacity and boldness. They were afraid to go to the people and to hunt in the suburbs. The animal control Florida, immediately began catching these reptiles, since they represent a great danger to others. Lizards called Nile monsters, they are multi-colored and powerful body, have an aggressive temperament and can hunt even on the streets.

According to security services, animals their diet is diverse, they eat dogs, cats, rodents and many species of birds. Reptiles grow all their life, and therefore, the more the animal grows, the larger the prey it chooses. Permanent destruction of the environment has led to the fact that the population of Nile lizards noticeably began to grow and large specimens are no longer afraid of man, coming on the hunt is already on site. As well as most wild species prefers to avoid the company of man as the prey approached and Pets that are not accustomed to defend and not already assume the risk.

This extension of the area raises concerns, as lizards grow throughout our lives and what happens when they grow to sufficient size to attack the unknown man, therefore, is the capture and destruction of large representatives. In addition, the first size starts to approach children that is frightening. Congenital pangolins are not aggressive, but their size and voracity lead to permanent imbalance and disturbance in the ecosystem, swinging the balance of prey animals. So you have already physically limit their spread, destroying the nests and adults.

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