The etiquette of dog walking

The person who first became a dog owner, you will have to learn a lot. Not only about the care, training and feeding. He will be in an unusual set of rules – the etiquette of dog walking. Channel Zoo TV gathered the most valuable tips from experienced dog breeders on the culture of walking Pets.

It is clear that the special grounds for walking in most of our cities are rare, not to mention Metropolitan areas. Most often you will have to take his dog to the nearest Park, if there is one, or just to the yard.

And the first rule of walking – cleaning for my dog. This is normal, civilized and just necessary if we want to live in a beautiful clean city. Authorities everywhere in different ways trying to reason with a negligent “dog lover”. In Yekaterinburg, local law requires owners to clean up excrement for Pets. In Moscow there is a ban on dog walking in the area of playgrounds and facilities. It is associated with possible aggressive behavior by tetrapods and the danger to children. In St. Petersburg for the sake of experiment residents were handing out free paper bags and disposable scoops, and placed in the yards of special containers. But neither the fines, neither social advertising nor free scoop until help. However, the world is changed varies with each person. So make it a rule to clean up after your dog will make their important business.

The culture of walking is not only cleaning your dog but also many other details. In some regions, beaches, markets, transport, playgrounds and other busy places, ordered to keep the dog muzzled and on a leash.

Unwritten rules of dog communication when dog walking near other dogs. As it turns out, many owners of four-legged do not know how they must be handled, improperly train them, and eventually the animals become unmanageable and aggressive. And if the host is unbalanced, then the couple becomes a big problem for others.

So, a few unwritten laws of etiquette of dog walking.

When you go out with the dog to the area where others are walking – greet. This ritual even comply with your pet, be polite and you.

Before you let the dog off the leash, teach her to come when you call – this is necessary for its security and tranquility of others.

If you know your dog is aggressive and likes to fight, choose in the case of those dogs which he can’t touch. Or walk alone.

If dogs are aggressive to each other, it is better to put them in different territorial zones. If the moment is lost, and the fight got underway, the owners take away their Pets.

In the common exercise do not bring dogs in heat and sick or convalescent animals.

Small, fragile, easily traumatized Pets should not walk with large and strong. Some dogs kill small members of their own species as rats or cats. This can happen so fast you won’t even steal Pets. Better not to risk it, especially if your pet is different harmful nature and likes to provoke other dogs.

Iron, and especially to treat someone else’s dog only with the permission of the owner.

General walking with dogs off metal collars. Otherwise, playing catch-up and sporting, they can hurt each other. It should be borne in mind that the appearance of the dog in a metal collar is simply, but still with thorns, is considered a grave sin master. This can and teach.

Do not release the dog running with a leash that is dragging on the ground. Teach her to stay by your team and not go without you to the roadway.

If training a dog in the paddock, do not wave your hands, so as not to frighten and not to provoke aggression in other animals.

When you see someone near you trained your dog, don’t interfere with tips.

Not worth it to chase a stray dog that was in your range. If it is not obvious that they are sick and contagious. The fact that the crawlers are capable of transmitting an indoor dog knowledge necessary for survival in the pack. They play carefully, have a huge range of sounds, signals, gestures, postures and struts – all that your pet should learn.

The territory of walking out all the dog owners. In your power to contain common place to walk in purity. Explain to the neighbors yard where it is better not to feed the cats and birds, where you shouldn’t leave bottles and cans.

If someone’s dog is lost, take care of her. If possible, take home, or build out somewhere for a while, pecking announcement, contact the search service animals. You and your beloved dog are not immune from the sudden separation. Just imagine how painful it is for both, so help a lost animal.

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