The choice of breed cats – it is responsible!

Cats are favorite animals almost all people. In recent years, people in the choice of a kitten began to pay attention to the breed, as a purebred cat — it is prestigious. The most convenient way to pick up a cat is to look at all the breeds of cats with Photos on the Internet. The most popular are the British cat, Persian, Scottish fold and Sphynx hairless. Each breed requires little maintenance, be sure to pay attention to the care of the cat and then buy.

Cat breeds

Have their own characteristics in vernal and they are very diverse — and it’s not just the length of hair. There are even specific standards on which the cat meets the breed. The length of her paws, tail, torso, hair, body structure, structure of their face is all the criteria that the cat is credited to the original breed and can call it perfect. Cat breeds with Photos will help you to decide what type of your pet and whether it can be called perfect. In General, the breed is divided into Shorthair, semi-longhair and longhaired. There are more than 70 cat breeds. Each breed has its own story, many are bred artificially for the purposes of the experiment.There are cats with curled ears, curled at the end of the tails with tassels on the ears, with original color and with unusually fluffy tails. Only you can choose.

Of course, plus a pedigreed cat is not only her beauty and grace, but also that it can show on display and take pride of place. Many sites provide information about various exhibitions and participation in them. There you can consider breeds of cats with Pictures straight from exhibitions.

Cat pictures, cat breeds with Photos

It is well known that people who live with Pets are much happier and kinder. Breed largely determine their character and behaviour that distinguishes them from dogs. All breeds have their quirks, what they are and should be guided when choosing a kitten or an adult cat. For example, there are breeds of cats . need thorough grooming (grooming) – Persian . Angora . but they do not require active communication. Of course, all breeds require grooming, even short-haired and semi-longhair. If You spend most of your time at home, love active and playful animals, it is ideal for the following cat breeds: Abyssinian. Siamese. Burma. the Devon Rex. the Norwegian forest. Maine Coon .

If you have children, you need a patient cat who can withstand pulling on the hands, pulls the ears, paws and tail. Not all breeds can boast such patience, but here goes: the British Shorthair breed . playful Abyssinian or Scottish fold. Persian cat most likely will run under the bed and will sit there, till there’s nothing behind children the way, all breeds of Shorthair cats love attention and communication unlike long-haired breeds and more suited for families with children. Often, the cause of discontent is the cats fur even inadvertently squeezed the child. People working and lonely, need such a breed of cats that will happily and with great love to meet the owner from work and find something to do at home and not to fall into depression from loneliness. A good option in this situation would be the cat breed British Shorthair or Russian blue cat. All breeds of cats are prone to stress, so do not buy a pedigreed cat in the markets, in pet stores or the ad in the newspaper. If You venture to buy a “pig in a poke” that completely ruled out when buying a cat in a kennel.

All breeds of cats have a certain gentility, grace and high intelligence. Whatever breed You choose, You will get yourself a cute and loyal friend for many years.

A variety of breeds of cats

There are a variety of breeds — from short pile of rocks and ending with a Bobtail . Each breed has many differences, both external, these include color, shape of eyes, length of hair, length of legs and tail, as well as internal, these include personality, ambitions cats, playfulness, friendliness, etc. We are responsible for those who tamed — quite a famous saying and it is quite true, especially for our Pets — cats. We cats are protectors and they especially do not tolerate betrayal, being jealous of us they can leave our home. Cats are healing in a period of poor health and depression, they delicately try to us to come nearer and with the same nenavistyu go, when to leave us alone. Also depends on how relations with the cat, so carefully pick the breed of cat, to fit your character, for example if you like affectionate and friendly cats, Russian cats normal for you, but if you don’t care for you and most importantly the appearance of the pet, the British or the Sphinx. *

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