Scientists have explained the inextricable link between man and dog

The study, published in Science help explain why between the master and his dog is so strong an unbreakable bond. The loving gaze of a dog triggers the production of oxytocin in the human body, leading to feelings of euphoria. Oxytocin causes a number of positive changes in the body, according to Takafumi Kukuchi from AZABU University. For example, it can help to reduce blood pressure, relieves stress and anxiety, which is why we feels warm and pleasant thrill when we see a favorite animal. And due to these feelings we sometimes are so attached to the pet.

Kokushi Takefumi and Miho Nagasawa measured the levels of oxytocin have more than 30 pairs of animals and their owners before the study and after it. During the experiment the subjects were placed in front of their animals, and were allowed to pet the pet. For reliability were investigated owners of different breeds. The concentration of oxytocin in the blood and urine was increased already at eye contact, the dogs got even with voice contact, and the owners of after touch. It is worth noting that studies have been conducted on the wolves, educated man, and so they indicators of oxytocin did not change, this feature is given only to domestic dogs. When during the experiment were placed in one room the owner and strangers and was sprayed oxytocin in front of the dog, the dog itself was trying as quickly as possible to make eye contact with the owner, or even just to look at it. It could not distract any other dogs or people, even if she is familiar with them. In addition, the duration of eye contact if he was set – had doubled.

The obtained data allowed to confirm that oxytocin is an indicator of the close connection that can occur between a dog and its owner. Since oxytocin at the time of evolution was created for the relationship between a mother and her child of any kind, it is produced in all species of mammals and some species of birds and reptiles. The reaction of the wolves is because they retain an attachment only to members of their flocks, which man cannot be, but in dogs, this property has evolved and they form a person not a pack, and a couple that is why they are more prone to jealousy and love.

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