Pets of other colors

Recent studies have provided evidence that animals have a black skin color of wool and live longer than Pets of other colors. The black color was purchased animals in the process of evolution not only as a genetic feature of the suit. Gregory Barsha claims that black was given to animals not only for masking but also for the body’s resistance to infections and skin diseases. But masking is important, as an example, dark moths breed, population of which more than bright, as they are less noticeable to humans and predators.

A team of Brazilian scientists have conducted studies of dark breeds of wild cats and found that most of the rules of natural selection will allow them to survive individuals of black and dark brown in color. By combining the study of wild animals and domesticated animals, scientists have discovered that dark skin and fur due to the manifestation of a single gene in all species, cats, dark colors are better hunted in the woods, but it is worse than running around in an open area. Bartsch noted that wolves and dogs black in nature have greater stability, have good physical performance, Pets, too, confirm this hypothesis, although the intervention of breeders in the natural course of events violates the statistics a bit.

Dark species of night birds a better hunter on that it had investigated the black types are night owls. Their dark spots are a perfect camouflage while hunting and to the extreme point of a direct attack are virtually undetectable to the victim. The same dark birds are more intelligent, which suggested that the gene acts the same way and on the functionality of the brain. Black color creates behavioral habits, especially hunting and even influence the choice of places to sleep and hibernation.

Black color also greatly affects the formation of immunity from major diseases and helps to better eliminate parasites, it was proven during the studies. Man, however, rarely relies on this factor when choosing a pet, additionally, it affects the process of natural selection, conducting selection research, often without considering the colour stability and susceptibility of the species to him. Because most of the instincts of a predator and a genetic predisposition to leadership are rarely included.

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