Pets and children

There is an opinion that children who live together with Pets, in the future have a higher IQ and have better-developed adaptive properties. This is confirmed by psychologists. But there are certain dangers of which we wish to speak.

Pets and children: for or against?

Most homes contain dogs, cats, birds, fish and some rodents. All of these species can cause specific diseases in children and adults.

The cat in the house

As you know, the cat considers himself the owner of the house in which he lives, and the owner and other family members — Boyfriends. So, if fluffy is not in the mood, you better not be annoying. Of course, each animal has its own individual character and features of the breed: one more patient to children’s caresses, others less, so the scratches on the hands is a common phenomenon, which most owners do not pay too much attention.

The potential threat from scratches — disease felines . Its features are:

for too long the healing of scratches and wounds;

enlarged lymph nodes;

the increased temperature of the body.

Therefore, parents should carefully analyse the relationship between the cat and the baby and to restrict their communication if necessary.

However, as a rule, the presence of cats has much more advantages than causes of problems. Especially, for girls. It is not only in the satisfaction of known maternal feelings and needs in caring for someone, but in toxoplasmosis . As a rule, children who are at least a little time talking with the cats or playing in the outdoor sandbox, get strong immunity to this microbe, and the lesion does not cause any symptoms and negative consequences. This disease does not cause effects in adults, if they somehow escaped infection in childhood. But infection during pregnancy this infection is very, very dangerous.

Toxoplasmosis have any cats, you can be absolutely sure. So, if you have a pet no, it makes sense to ensure that the child’s contact with the cat at a friends or at grandma’s during the holidays.

About the Allergy . Unfortunately, quite a few people are allergic to cats, which eliminates the possibility of cohabitation with them. To find out if there is an Allergy in the child, only need a few hours to observe him when he is near the cat. If You notice:

rashes on the skin;

red eyes and tears;

shortness of breath;

— this is a sure sign that the cats in your house categorically should not be.

The dog — man’s best friend?

The first problem . what comes to mind is worms.

Any dog every day, sometimes on the street, where from time to time engaged in some personal Affairs that cause lesions of the intestinal worms. Obviously, together with dog worms migrate without problems in housing, where the baby with joy and perseverance explores toys beloved friend Mukhtar.

Worms in dogs and people are different and generally do not survive after infection.

Modern drugs are quite easy to solve the problem and the dogs, and children. Enough periodically to give meds to the dog, and tests the child.

You still will not be able to provide total control over the child and, as a consequence, we cannot completely exclude the possibility of parasitic infection.

Statistics show that the percentage of affected people the same for families that have a dog, and in families, not in contact with the dogs at all.

So, bottom line: worms is generally not a problem if given to prevent at least minimal attention.

The second problem is the dog bites.

Unlike cats, dogs are used as weapons than claws and teeth. In this case, parents should be wary of such diseases as rabies. Rabies is pretty serious and most dangerous, widespread disease among animals. You should know that:

Rabies sick almost all warm-blooded animals, not only dogs, but also, say, hamsters and cats. Although reliable information about their defeat domestic rodents no.

Infection transmitted in the saliva. That is, it is unlikely transmission of rabies through scratches from the claws.

Rabies is a deadly disease. Die from it, almost all infected people and animals, if it fails was introduced serum. In recent years, only a few people were rescued in the stage of the symptoms. Worldwide rabies kills about 60 thousand people per year.

40 shots is already a myth, because now vaccination for the treatment and prevention of rabies are much more humane.

Pets must be vaccinated according to vaccination schedule.

What to do if a child bitten by a dog?

The first urgent action is to grate soap, dissolve in a basin of water and abundantly rinse the wound.

To put antibacterial ointment, bandage tightly do not need to provide air access to the wound.

Immediately consult a doctor.

If You have the opportunity to observe the dog for 10 days, make sure there are no following symptoms of rabies in it:

the dog does not eat or drink;

afraid of water;

much secretes saliva;

there are convulsions, disturbed coordination of movement.

If You notice any of these symptoms, you need to quickly begin a course of injections of serum.

If you are aware of the dog’s owner, he must immediately be tested for rabies and to report the results to You. In case of failure, contact the police.

Even if You are convinced of the absence of rabies in dogs, contact your doctor, as 30% of bites lead to other diseases besides rabies.

Chicks and ducklings at grandma’s.

If you and kid went to her grandmother, who raises poultry, remember that cute duck, funny chickens, geese important, and all the other representatives of the bird are carriers of Salmonella . Therefore, you should protect the child from contact with these animals.

Salmonellosis is a very common disease that causes fever, weakness, headache, vomiting and severe diarrhea with foam.

In the case of detection of symptoms of salmonellosis immediately contact an infectious disease specialist and abundantly poite child.

Particularly vulnerable to the disease are children under the age of 1 year.

How to prepare for having a baby in the house

If the soon to be baby, you must prepare for this and allowed. The changes that occur in the home can negatively affect them. It is obvious that the animal will now be given much less attention, and to explain the reasons for this are quite difficult.

Therefore, to the emergence of a new family member was not the favorite animals of stress, in advance, introduce a dog or cat with new furnishings in the children’s room, and after the birth of a baby from the hospital bring a thing with the smell of the child.

These tips can cause you to have doubts. But think that the owner lives in cats, and especially dogs, plays a much greater role than You might think. For a dog owner — this is the meaning of life, without any exaggeration, so the emergence of a new focus in the family can be puzzling, to enter into depression, or even to make aggressive and dangerous for all family members.

Take care of yourself, your family and our little brothers!

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