In big cities, left alone with yourself in the concrete jungle, people often became to have Pets. It is the animals that occupy the leisure, pleasure and with whom you can communicate. And whoever was a pet – an owl, a Cayman or a lap dog, person cares about him, cares and cherishes it, relying on mutual feelings of affection, gratitude, devotion and loyalty. See Photos on the website and you will see it.

Pets — animals that are close to the person according to his will, and whom he contains, providing them with shelter and food. However, it’s one thing if it’s a Pekinese. But sometimes it happens that it is a large poisonous spider tarantula. a Scorpion or a cockroach, for example, blaberus gigantus known as the giant Madagascar cockroach. reaching 8 cm, with stiff wings and quarrelsome temper. But oddly enough, many people who keep exotic animals at home, note that these Pets provide comfort, calm, relieve stress. About dogs and cats and can not speak.

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What place Pets have in our lives? If you think about it, sometimes huge. Most animal lovers know that the appearance of the house kitten or singaporeto changing the conventional lifestyle of the owners, and health care, training and education of the pet form the conditions in which it becomes a full member of the family. Sometimes a pet at all turns into the center of a small universe, and around it with joy and gusto rotate the rest of the household.

It turns out that despite the difficulties and shortage of time, many of us can not imagine my life without Pets . This is not surprising, it is well known that Pets are the best cure for boredom and depression. In addition, the appearance of a pet in the house is a good reason to begin to lead an active lifestyle, get rid of emotional and physical problems, to acquire courage and endurance. In short, Pets can change our lives!

On this site you can not only immerse themselves in the fascinating world of home flora and fauna, but also to find the necessary information about varieties and breeds them, care for them, and also about animal care, feeding and treatment of various Pets and plants. You can read fascinating articles, and stories about your animals, admire the numerous photos of animals.

Think about what raising a pet, we, first of all, educate yourself. We acquired special experience, which helps us to become wiser, more caring, more attentive and more tolerant. University of California researchers believe that no pet is not able to develop a person’s negative qualities, but all these animals help us to acquire new positive traits.

The most popular Pets for centuries remain cats and dogs. And cats confidently occupy a leading position. This is due to the fact that these Pets can do without man. Let’s see, a huge amount of cats living in small villages and towns are actually on the outside. People often only feed these animals, provide them shelter in sheds and under the eaves. And a considerable part of the food they produce themselves, the old fashioned way by catching mice in the area. And how many dogs lives around the garage and garden cooperatives, feeding watchmen. A large number of dogs living in villages close to attaining the age old, monotonous skrashivaya weekdays and warning barking about the guests.

In major cities the variety of Pets is much broader. This decorative and singing birds, such as parrots. Canaries. pigeons. Incidentally, the latter often contain in the countryside virtually at will. But flown away from the cells of songbirds and decorative poultry in the wild do not survive. Themselves to get food they can’t quickly become the prey of predators, and climate in the middle lane for them too hard.

Quite common in city apartments and a variety of rodents. This decorative and dwarfish rabbits, mice and even rats. They also include different types of hamsters and, despite its name, Guinea pigs. The content of such Pets simply and economically burdensome.

Snails are most often found among aquarists. although many small species settle randomly. But the largest aquarium snails ampulyarii the already give birth consciously, she decorates the aquarium, it is fun to watch and even to breed. Land snails from the most popular Achatina. considered very smart, and much less snail. There are also some very unusual Pets. The most popular of these spiders are tarantulas, often having a bright and beautiful color, and Madagascar cockroaches.

Pets — animals that were domesticated by man and which it contains, providing them with shelter and food. They bring him good either as a source of material goods and services, or as companions, brightens your leisure. Most Pets are easily propagated. Through breeding, people can control their reproduction and the characteristics that they pass on to their offspring.

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A lot of them are Pets that occupy the leisure, pleasure and with whom you can communicate. For city dwellers the concept of “Pets” is often associated with the second category, that is, with “Pets”. Many families that keep the house any animals indicate that these animals are cozy, calm, relieve stress.

Note that animals of the same breed can often be used for different purposes. For example, someone breeds rabbits for procurement of meat and fur, and someone who keeps a rabbit as a house pet. Some wastes animal companion can be used as a minor production of raw materials. So, from long-haired dogs and cats or rabbit, you can gather some wool and used to knit warm garments for themselves or family members. Feathers of domestic birds are used for decorative crafts and fine arts.

Each of our pet, whether a big dog or a little fish in the aquarium. needs content appropriate to its needs. If you decide to get any pet, you first need at least in General terms to become familiar with the content, care and feeding of this species. Also need to get an idea about the responsibilities of owners toward their Pets, are set out in the veterinary-sanitary rules.

All these requirements are reasonable and understandable, because Pets are not a whim or a fun game, because most Pets can’t live without your concern. Acquiring a pet, do not forget that his life for many years will entirely depend on you! With proper maintenance your dog will be able to live up to 20 years female – up to 10-15 years old, bug – up to 30 years, chinchilla before the age of 15, rabbit – up to 12 years, hamster or rat to 3 years, and parrots – from 12 to 40 years.

Do not forget that Pets also can become indispensable caregivers for children. Pet care is a great educational moment for your child. Communication with Pets teaches children to be responsible, caring, caring to the needs of the living being. Of course, children should be taught to treat animals, and the best example for them can be you yourself if you will demonstrate the love of Pets and caring about these amazing creatures, adapted to life with man and destined to be for us loyal friends and assistants.

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