Best hypoallergenic cat breeds for people with allergies

In Russia, are allergic to cats and other Pets from 6 to 10 million Russians. If you suffer from allergies, but love and want to get a cat, then you are interested in hypoallergenic cats. But what do you mean Hypo-allergenic cat? This is a cat which is missing an allergen, or “hypoallergenic” cats typically produce fewer allergens than “regular” cats. The key word here is “less”.

A protein (Fel D1) is the allergen in cat saliva that it creates problems for people with allergies. As soon as your cat licks its shersty, allergen-Laden evaporates and becomes air, popadaya in your nose. Some cat breeds produce less of this protein than others, making them hypoallergenic.

Some factors affecting the production of the allergen in cats:

Male cats produce more allergen than females

Intact males produce more allergens than neutered males

Dark cats tend to produce more allergens than light (nobody knows why)

Kittens produce fewer allergens than adults

Thus, light cat better suited for people with allergies.

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Top 10 unwanted Pets or who just do not want to start.

Among the large variety of animals that could potentially be your Pets, it is difficult to choose the one that suits you the most. There are a number of animals that can be a great addition to your family, but even more – which require special conditions of detention. There are a lot of animals as Pets and unwanted communication with them is unsafe. Consider this top ten.

Lemurs, monkeys, chimpanzees, baboons – they are all in the category of primates. They are cute and remind us of little children, but are not. Many owners treat them like small children: they wear diapers, rolled in wheelchairs… When primates get angry, they start yelling and freaking out. But the biggest problem is the primates can start freaking out at any moment, as they do not have consciousness, or bite their owners. As carriers of diseases such as hepatitis a and AIDS, the primates can fatally infect.

Panthers, lions, tigers, leopards are wild cats, which are often contained as Pets. Wild cats are strong and dangerous. First of all, they are predators, and takamimusubi to stay at home. Do not feed you pet on time – it is angry and may attack you. Considering their great weight, it is clear that you have this kind of wrestling has little chance.

These snakes can kill you in one bite, and, most likely, you will have to wear constantly the antidote. Some cobras can spit their venom in your eyes, why you may come a painful shock and blindness. There are many snakes that are poisonous and safe for you. You must fully comply with security measures: the snake can see the neighbors. Continue reading

Cinnamon is the happiest dog in new York

Many new Yorkers well know a dog named Cinnamon (Cinnamon), who lives with his owners, Andrew and Ashley. This is representative of one of the oldest breeds, which is called the Shiba inu. She was bred on the island Honshu (Japan). But that’s not it, but that Cinnamon all the time… smiling! Her smile is impossible not to notice. People stop on the street, seeing Cinnamon. In social networks it is called the happiest dog in the world.

Andrew became the owner of Cinnamon in March 2004. She was then six months. Since then, they never part. In July of the same year, Andrew married Ashley. Cinnamon didn’t mind. She even agreed to participate in the wedding ceremony. She was dressed in a dress and told me to hold in his mouth a basket of flowers.

The dog is already 11 years old, she had glaucoma and Cushing’s disease (a severe neuroendocrine disease). However, neither age nor illness had not altered her character. Andrew claims that Cinnamon, like a little child, requires constant attention. Continue reading

How and what to feed a puppy toy Terrier?

So You are the owner of adorable tiny creatures, which will eventually grow cute toy Terrier. And one of the first questions that needs to be answered is the question: what to feed a puppy toy Terrier .

Dry food or natural

First you need to decide what to feed Your pet: dry food or natural products, maybe both? What is better to feed the Terrier ? Whatever You choose, the power of the little toe should be balanced. If You prefer dry food, remember:

You need to choose food for puppies of small breeds: large pieces are not the teeth of Your baby;

Should give preference to the expensive feed – do not skimp on the health of your pet (please note feed Pro Plan, Hill’s, Royal Canin, Bosh);

Of course, any dog fed dry food should always be fresh drinking water!

If Your choice is a natural food, make sure that the puppy is getting enough nutrients and micronutrients. Do not forget the role of calcium for the growing body. Do not feed the puppy scraps from the table. Still, the little toe of their needs in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. What better to feed a puppy toy Terrier . Breeders dogs rashodyatsya opinion. Some believe that the best dog is a well-chosen quality dry food. Others believe that the key to health dogs natural food. Others believe that it is more correct to feed the puppy Toya combination of natural products and dry food. In this case you should not give your puppy something, and another simultaneously: this can lead to an excess of any vitamins. Need combo meals: morning and afternoon dry food in the evening – natural. Or in other convenient sequence. Continue reading

Pets and children

There is an opinion that children who live together with Pets, in the future have a higher IQ and have better-developed adaptive properties. This is confirmed by psychologists. But there are certain dangers of which we wish to speak.

Pets and children: for or against?

Most homes contain dogs, cats, birds, fish and some rodents. All of these species can cause specific diseases in children and adults.

The cat in the house

As you know, the cat considers himself the owner of the house in which he lives, and the owner and other family members — Boyfriends. So, if fluffy is not in the mood, you better not be annoying. Of course, each animal has its own individual character and features of the breed: one more patient to children’s caresses, others less, so the scratches on the hands is a common phenomenon, which most owners do not pay too much attention.

The potential threat from scratches — disease felines . Its features are:

for too long the healing of scratches and wounds;

enlarged lymph nodes;

the increased temperature of the body. Continue reading

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