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The most rare reptiles from all over the world

During the period, have enabled us to understand and create the necessary conditions for keeping and breeding of priority species of turtles. Today, we offer a wide selection of healthy animals of their own breeding.You will receive all the necessary guidance and advice for presenting the content of turtles at home…

During the period, have enabled us to understand and create the necessary conditions for keeping and breeding of priority species of snakes. Today, we offer a wide selection of healthy animals of their own breeding.You will receive all the necessary guidance and advice for comfortable keeping snakes at home…

We regularly receive offspring from embellished sling (Ceratophrys ornata), cane toad (Bufo marinus), Bajica frog (Lepidobatrachus laevis),pot of frogs (Pyxicephalus adspersus), an Australian tree frog(Litoria capitula). In our price list you can always get acquainted with the presence of existing amphibians. We will help you to choose the amphibian and…

Welcome to the wonderful and diverse world of lizards! In recent years we created our reproductive collection. The specialists of our company have rich experience with the successful keeping and breeding of individual species of lizards. We sell healthy and vigorous animals and reptiles… Continue reading

The etiquette of dog walking

The person who first became a dog owner, you will have to learn a lot. Not only about the care, training and feeding. He will be in an unusual set of rules – the etiquette of dog walking. Channel Zoo TV gathered the most valuable tips from experienced dog breeders on the culture of walking Pets.

It is clear that the special grounds for walking in most of our cities are rare, not to mention Metropolitan areas. Most often you will have to take his dog to the nearest Park, if there is one, or just to the yard.

And the first rule of walking – cleaning for my dog. This is normal, civilized and just necessary if we want to live in a beautiful clean city. Authorities everywhere in different ways trying to reason with a negligent “dog lover”. In Yekaterinburg, local law requires owners to clean up excrement for Pets. In Moscow there is a ban on dog walking in the area of playgrounds and facilities. It is associated with possible aggressive behavior by tetrapods and the danger to children. In St. Petersburg for the sake of experiment residents were handing out free paper bags and disposable scoops, and placed in the yards of special containers. But neither the fines, neither social advertising nor free scoop until help. However, the world is changed varies with each person. So make it a rule to clean up after your dog will make their important business. Continue reading

Most large whales in the world

On our planet lives of tens of thousands of species of animals, but only some of them have impressive sizes. Animals live everywhere on land, in the air, underground and in water. At the last place of residence living creatures we will stop. Since childhood everyone knows that whales are the biggest animals living in the aquatic environment. But few people realize that among them too there are incomparable giants. We offer to the reader information on what are the biggest whales in the world.

10 the minke whale LinkedIn of 10.7 meters

Top of the world’s largest whale opens the smallest whale of the family plastikovyh. Animal that feeds on plankton and small fish, has fins and belly are white, and dark grey upper body color. A distinctive feature of the whale are its white stripes in the back of the head.

Inhabits the waters of both the Northern and southern hemisphere. The length of the largest specimens reached up to 10.7 meters. Continue reading

Pets for kids: how to choose a friend?

All kids love animals. First, they like to drag their tails, ears and whiskers, they then with great tenderness awkwardly stroking the fur, but after some time and did say that to live without the little furry animals can’t. If children were allowed, they would every week brought home by pet. Sometimes it seems that only children genuinely see the joy, warmth and happiness that Pets can give. They, like no one appreciate such communication. And sooner or later the love of animals leads to the statement: “Mom, I want a cat, dog, turtle, hamster…!” But parents often see Pets in their new responsibilities and refuse beloved child. Protesting against this injustice, Family decided to remind adults that what is so good four-legged friends.

Household pet for any child is a beloved friend, comrade, and fire and water and copper pipes. Intuitively, the kids are set up on the friendship with small animals, but not care for them, shifting the latter on the shoulders of parents. Realizing all the difficulties, parents are the last to hold the Fort. And yet there comes a time when they begin to consider the proposals. Continue reading

Do not rush with the decision

Pets love us unconditionally. It’s also great for our health – mental and physical. Caring for Pets can boost self-esteem. to prevent loneliness, and even reduce your heart rate and blood pressure in some people.

Pets can be great friends, companions and even nurses for children. But remember, only adults should be responsible for the maintenance and health of a pet. And before you get a pet in the family where there are children, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions. The right choice of animal for the house in which the child lives is a serious decision that all members of the family should be together.

Before you have a pet

A common mistake is when an animal is brought home random, impulsive decision without fully understanding the level of responsibility and extent of participation in his life. For example, many people buy rabbits for Easter, not thinking about the fact that 5 – 10 years a rabbit would in the family that will need all this time to care for animals. Continue reading

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Unusual Pets.
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Best hypoallergenic cat breeds for people with allergies
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Pets rodents
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