Named the most dangerous for humans

According to a new study, based on the analysis of global statistics of deaths from wildlife, and predatory beasts were not so dangerous, as it is customary to think

As reported by “DS” referring to “My planet”, sharks, wolves, lions, crocodiles carry far less lives than regular mosquitoes.

According to the rating, compiled by the newspaper The Independent from shark attacks each year kills up to ten people, from the bites of wolves – ten, from the claws and teeth of lions and angry elephants – 100, from the attacks of hippos – about 500, from crocodiles to about 1000, from tapeworms – 2000 tsetse – 9000, from the poisonous African bug (Assassin Bug) – 12 000.

On the sixth place of the most dangerous animals were, oddly enough, dogs – from their bites die 40 000 people a year.

In fifth place was taken by snakes, from venomous bites which killed 50,000 people. Located on the fourth ascarids large roundworms that are parasitic in humans and lead to 60,000 deaths per year.

The third place is occupied by fresh-water snails that cause schistosomiasis, which kills 110 000 annually.

But man himself was the second in the list of the most dangerous creatures – the victims of murders each year, about 475 000 people all over the world.

By a large margin the first place in the ranking is malarial mosquitoes every year from their bites become infected with the disease and die approximately 725 000 people.

We will remind that vaccination from malaria still does not exist. Mosquitoes carry bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause a series of dangerous diseases: malaria, Dengue, elephantiasis, etc. 80-90% of cases of malaria occur in Africa South of the Sahara.

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