Manual reptiles

Cats and dogs, hamsters and parrots – so cute, so familiar. After all, if You ask a person: “do you have Pets?”, and get the answer: “Yes, there is a cat Vaska, wonderful friend.” You don’t surprise and, most likely, not even interested. But if Your interlocutor will say: “Gecko currents”. “Wow! Wow!” I would be surprised at the answer =) And will fall questions one after the other. Yes, the owners of furry animals (or miracles in feathers) is surprised or even outraged: “Well, the good thing about these slippery snakes?!” But a lot of good!)) And fans of exotics know, so sincerely love their Pets =) And, by the way, quite they are not slippery!

Reptiles. Who are they?

In any encyclopedia You can find a lot of information about who these reptiles are and how they live. But in a nutshell, these mysterious creatures belong to the class of the majority of terrestrial vertebrates called reptiles. The most famous ancient reptiles is, of course, dinosaurs. But in today’s world You have a chance to meet with such representatives of this class:

lizards and snakes (there are about 5,500 species)

the hatteria * (also called “tuatara”) is the only species in soundclass

All these animals are United by dry skin with scales, they are cold-blooded (their temperature depends on the ambient temperature), all breathe easy. Reptilesare mostly oviparous, but some species ovoviviparous.

Many of them can quite comfortably live in your home =) it’s Good that now you are free to buy everything you need for keeping exotic animals, anything that will allow for normal (humidity, temperature, lighting, nutrition, etc.) habitat conditions.

Contain at home the snake, or, say, crocodile is very original. But lately in the world a growing number of enthusiastic owners of such animals. In addition to its complexity, reptiles have a number of advantages immutable: they have no hair (therefore You do not have to collect it all over the apartment), they are significantly less unpleasant odors than dogs, cats, rodents, birds (i.e. reptiles to a lesser extent affect the order in Your apartment), caring for reptiles is not so difficult (many species rarely require attention), and these animals live long (if they are satisfied in “involuntary” housing). And this list goes on =)

In the video you can see for yourself how wonderful it feels nimble lizard:

Pet dinosaurs

As You know, world of reptiles very diverse, so You always have a choice. But do not forget that each such “pet dinosaur” has its own unique character. Just look at the Photos of these exotic Pets! Pride, greatness, vitality, self-sufficiency and inaccessibility – that’s what qualities immediately come to mind.

Besides, as you know, the owner of the animals often associated with his Pets 😉

And here, for example, the chameleon is considered a symbol of eternal impermanence:

And if You are a beginner and owner of exotics and decided to make masters of disguise, you should not choose the representatives of very rare species (this rule applies not only to the choice of the chameleon and other reptiles is also applicable). Alas, the rarer the species, the more difficult it is to secure a decent and long life pet.

Want home dragon like in a fairy tale? Then You need, for example, a green iguana! In addition to peace-loving disposition, she has incredible beauty =) Even the picture I want it for a long time to admire! This beauty requires a spacious dwelling, and do not mind, right?

No less attractive is another interesting look – Gecko-currents (we’ve mentioned). Geckos also called zakrepili, they easily move around the tree trunks. And it got its name because the males of this species are in the romantic periods of my life singing: “Too-KKK!”

Each species have their own features =) Superior before you buy reptiles . to be well prepared. Read the literature, consult with an experienced terrariumistike, purchase everything you need for a pet, try to learn as much as you can about your future roommate and then he can become Your real friend!

Calendar with snakes

But if You are happy owner of some wayward good-natured snake or iguana, You will like the idea of a photo calendar with Pictures of Your pet! Isn’t it great?) Surely You have accumulated many wonderful Photos with Your pet 😉 You can easily make a calendar with your own hands. Incidentally, it is also a great gift to lovers of exotic animals. And the calendar with snakes this year will be the year of the snake all the same =)

If You like the calendar (and I sure You will like it!), you can make a photo Book, there pages and more, and the process of creating more fun. And as a result will not leave anyone indifferent!)

Good luck to you, lovers of exotic animals

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