Is it worth to have an exotic pet?

Thinking about purchasing an exotic animal for the house? At some point you decided for himself that the cat, dog, hamster or some fish – it’s too easy and even something corny. Upon reflection, you decided to connect his life with a different and unusual pet. In the pet shop you can help, but before you go there, you weigh good. For a start, think about who you would like to see at home. After all, “exotic” there are so many, and care needs are totally different. What kind have you “liking”? Mammal, bird, reptile, and maybe even an insect?

Among mammals give birth now increasingly chinchillas, ferrets (freak), decorative rabbits. Amateur exotic reptiles will impress snake (possibly venomous), turtle, newt, chameleon, or iguana. Separate daredevils can decide on crocodile. Lover birds can make eagle or other birds of prey representative, or to draw their attention to the bright and large parrots. As for the love of insects and mollusks, can offer to get huge Madagascar cockroach, giant spider-the tarantula, or the African snail called “Achatina”, which can reach 15 to 20 cm in length.

First of all, be prepared for a load of responsibility. A new pet will require your maximum impact, and olegovskaya, because the conditions of his detention, nutrition, and care are likely to be very specific. More about that: first, calculate how much money and time you are willing to contribute to the content of exotic pet. Some species (for example, Achatina) don’t need a lot of attention and special feed. But the more of these that need “eyes”, or favorite pet can easily wither and die. Secondly, consider the potential danger – if there is a child, it is better not make poisonous and aggressive species. Undecided and ready to buy? Not in a hurry. After all, exotic Pets you should not take “anywhere”. Stop your choice at a special store or nursery. After buying the animal “with hands”, you risk to become the owner of the contraband. Of course, it will cost you less, but consider the ramifications: these animals are not screened for diseases. Not only that, you will probably spend a round sum for treatment pet, there is also the possibility that unknown and dangerous infection penetrate your home and your household organisms.

When a pet has been purchased, prepare yourself for the fact that you have to put a lot of effort on its arrangement in your home. Exotic plants accustomed to the natural environment, so unlike dogs and cats, new pet need housing as close to the usual in the wild. Rodents and birds are perfect spacious cage with elements of twigs, logs, and other things. Reptiles, snails, and insects need a terrarium, where there should be observed the usual air temperature and humidity. Important point – make sure to run away from him there was no way. After freely roaming around the apartment tarantula is happy.

Find out about what your pet eats, you can purchase this food, and promptly replenish its reserves. If rodents can live on the usual fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grains, birds, insects, and reptiles may require special food. This is especially true of predators. So plan in advance where you will be able to get “live feed”, as you will store it, and whether to feed their pet. If you are psychologically difficult to feed a small mouse to your snake whether it is necessary to have such a pet? Any scratch or bite, even if your animal is innocuous in appearance, should be promptly washed and processed. Upon the slightest suspicion of inflammation should immediately consult a doctor. It can be dangerous. Also carefully observe personal hygiene: wash hands before contact with the animal and after it. Even innocuous slider turtle can easily infect you with Salmonella.

Also remember that exotic Pets are not linked almost to the man, and almost not trainable. However with proper care they are able to bring you many pleasant moments. When deciding to buy an unusual pet, read the literature on care, communicate with specialists from several Zoological shops, and be sure to visit the veterinary clinic that you trust. Make sure your pet can, if necessary, to provide medical care and conduct from time to time the necessary preventive procedures. And let your animal brings you joy!

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