In Tokyo launched a rental service of dogs

You have a big enough apartment for keeping a dog or not sure that will be the time to take care of her? In Tokyo opened a company for a couple of hours to rent the dog.

The standard of living of Japanese citizens is that they often rent apartments, which is rare to keep animals, if even possible, they face the problem of limited space for a pet, as all apartments are small, this is due to the culture and habits of the Japanese. Dense buildings of the Japanese capital and small size of apartments, gave the creators the idea to the idea to combine pleasant and useful. This allows you to take a couple of hours the dog, play with her, socialize, and then back in again, without thinking about where she will sleep, and what to do in the absence of the owner. This service will allow you to enjoy the companionship of a dog animal lovers and families with children who can’t afford a pet, also you can check the readiness of the child to such an animal in the house.

Just a short walk from Yoyogi Park, in Tokyo, was placed in the orphanage with the mongrels, which you can rent for exploring one of 20 dogs or play with her on the spot. Half an hour of play will cost 950 yen, approx 8$, and 60 minutes walking around the Park for about 30$, so it is possible to extend the duration of services for an additional fee.

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