In the USA were born the first puppies in the world “from the tube”

Thanks to the efforts of modern scientists managed to get a litter of puppies obtained by in vitro fertilization. In this case the first time was used for the reproduction of dogs. Professional doctors took this step not as a joke and with a medical background, thus it is possible to genetically modify breeds by removing genetic defects and eradicate diseases transmitted by inheritance. Gene editing, also allows to revive some extinct and disappearing species of wild dogs and wolves. This will halt the extinction of almost all species, based on dogs or wolves.

The expression “Genetically modified”, in our time, acts as a red flag to a bull. But the use of this technology for such purposes, finds a lot more supporters than opponents.

For in vitro fertilization was taken 19 living embryos, one of them caught 7. This was taken from a combination of different breeds of fathers and mothers and as a result survived five puppies Beagle and two combined Beagle-Cocker Spaniel.

Attempts to hold ECO dogs were still in 70-e years of the last century, but they failed to reach the maximum result, had to endure a lot of trial and error. The main problem was that at the right time to get the egg ready for fertilization, since in dogs the process is more complex than women. The egg is a certain stage need to get not only the right day, but even in my hour of need. This is why we have taken these two breeds of dogs, as they have the reproductive process is the same. No less difficult to calculate, as the male prepares the sperm for fertilization, and takes as her mommy, because it secretes certain enzymes that are involved in the process. At this stage helped magnesium preparations. At the moment scientists are making 80-90% fertilization of the received material, then the process can be considered established. No less difficult was the work by freezing the material and determining the point at which it is possible simultaneously to implant all the embryos. The first was born a puppy named Klondike, he was born from an embryo that was in the freezer since 2013.

The main advantage, which gives this technique is the preservation of wildlife. You can create a Bank of seeds and embryos, so that in the future with the threat of extinction of a species to use the material to restore it. Rare species can be recovered in captivity, and return to their natural habitat. You can also recreate rare dog breed and recover their original figures, which are lost during prolonged selection. No less important is the regulation and eradication of the spread certain types of diseases that can completely destroy a litter, and lymphoma in Golden retrievers, and Dalmatians have urolitiaz. This will allow to adjust the development of the embryo up to a certain point and not allow to develop genetically defective dogs. Such work will allow to win more than 350 of the most dangerous diseases.

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