How to choose a friend?

When choosing a pet you must answer a few questions:

How much time You can devote to the care of an animal? Change the water in the aquarium and feed the fish or walk the dog morning and evening.

Who will care for your pet during Your absence, for example during the summer holidays? It is advisable to ask yourself this question, at the last moment not to try to attach each other.

Do you have a child or other family members allergic to?

Test allergens to the pet better way to spend before the animal will come home, because to give each other much harder than deciding to start it.

An allergic reaction occurs against the antigen contained in the saliva and on the skin of the animal. Animal without fur can also cause allergies. It should be noted that Allergy to cats is more common than to dogs. Sometimes you can find the information that chinchilla and ferret hypoallergenic animals, but it is not so. The reaction to them is less common than other fluffy animals, but it exists.

Once the answers to all your questions would be answered and doubts dispelled, you can proceed to the fun part – the choice of your friend!


Slow turtles, for all its phlegmatically happy going and very low maintenance. They dostatochnogo aquarium, a little water and lots of affection. Eat tortilla animal food from a pet store and love to eat fruit.

Attention! Turtles do not cause allergies, but can be carriers of Salmonella, so after each contact with them should wash their hands.


Own underwater world should be small, and its inhabitants are resilient. Better to have a fish flocks, then “loss” will not be as noticeable.

The most unpretentious are considered to be freshwater species, platies, swordtail and guppy.

Care: water changes and cleaning of the aquarium, daily feeding.

Attention! Fish themselves do not cause allergies, but food reaction often occurs.


An unusual member of the family will amaze you with fantastic colors and graceful manners. There are different types, but I advise beginners to take the education of Yemeni chameleon.

Care: these animals are difficult in content, they need a terrarium, HVAC equipment and live feed.

Attention! Chameleons, as well as turtles, can be a source of salmonellosis.

Madagascar cockroaches

Exotic insects are domesticated by the inhabitants not so long ago, but already loved by many. A friend wouldn’t scratch my “ear”, but to observe their behavior. An adult specimen weighs about 40 grams and growth of the order of 10 cm Scary to look at, they are absolutely not aggressive.

Care: content of the cockroaches is very economical, they consume vegetables, fruits and herbs, live in a regular aquarium.

Attention! During love period, in battle or during a fright, males, loud crack, and females whistle.

Stick insects

Another special guest in the aquarium – stick. In the tropics and subtropics get along great in modern apartments in the neighborhood with people, it helps to keep the humidity around 70 % and temperature of 25-28 degrees.

The stick insects resemble sticks, leaves, moss and even flowers, depending on the initial conditions. The size of stick insects from 10 to 23 cm, the life expectancy of 1-2 years.

Care: insect herbivores, and prefer the “live feed”, so in the winter on the window sill have to grow oak and raspberries.


Compact, funny, playful animals kids love. However, the nature of this beast is very peculiar, thanks to the easy excitability it can be very easy to bite or scratch.

Care: to ensure comfortable conditions of stay of the animal needs a big cage, hammock, toilet, drinker, as well as daily walks. Ferrets can be fed dry prepared foods. Predators by nature, these animals with pleasure regale on meat, but do not refuse from fruit.

Attention! To buy the ferret the child up to 6 years are strictly not worth it.


A fluffy wonder with expressive eyes – so it is possible to tell about this beast. Chinchillas are odorless, they are good-natured and very rarely bite, accustomed to the tray, trainable and long lived.

Care: the animals love to romp, so the cage should be spacious, there should be enough space for the hammock and stone for sharpening the teeth. The fur of the beast remained pure and gentle, chinchillas need to “bathe” in a special sand, daily cleaning of the cage required.


Exotic species are very beautiful, but the roads and need special care, so stop your opinion on wavy parrots or lovebirds. They’re cheerful, unpretentious and always will entertain your child chirping.

Attention! To give a parrot can only be the case if Your child is prone to allergies.


When choosing a dog in the first place it is necessary to estimate the size of the house in which will live the future family member.

From decorative rocks which year does not pass the fashion for Yorkies – thanks to the excellent combination of playful nature, obedience, intelligence and loyalty. Toy sized dog with an endless supply of energy, will become the best friend of your child.

If you prefer large dogs, consider Labradors: they are completely deprived aggression to people and animals, have an abundance of mischief and vzbalmoshnoj. Because of the nature of the character they are remarkably trainable.

If your family has allergies, pay attention to the breeds that are considered Hypo-allergenic: the Bedlington Terrier, poodles (have no smell), Australian silky Terrier, American hairless Terrier, affen Pinscher, Bedlington Terrier, Maltese, toy Spitz, Kerry blue Terrier, Chinese crested, Irish water Spaniel.

Attention! To check if there is an Allergy, you can go to visit the breeder and to cuddle the puppy or take it for a few days on overexposure, as allergens can accumulate.


If you appreciate the independence in animals, cat is your choice.

British cats are very friendly and good with kids, and phlegmatic Persians to allow yourself to ride in the pram or the back of a truck. Sphynx and Cornish Rex are less likely to provoke an allergic reaction.

Attention! Do not forget that cats is not only valuable fur, but also the sharp teeth and claws. So to have such a beast is recommended when the child reaches 4 to 7 years. Remember that there are cats with a known “bad” reputation: Siamese, Thai, Balinese and Orientals.

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