How and what to feed a puppy toy Terrier?

So You are the owner of adorable tiny creatures, which will eventually grow cute toy Terrier. And one of the first questions that needs to be answered is the question: what to feed a puppy toy Terrier .

Dry food or natural

First you need to decide what to feed Your pet: dry food or natural products, maybe both? What is better to feed the Terrier ? Whatever You choose, the power of the little toe should be balanced. If You prefer dry food, remember:

You need to choose food for puppies of small breeds: large pieces are not the teeth of Your baby;

Should give preference to the expensive feed – do not skimp on the health of your pet (please note feed Pro Plan, Hill’s, Royal Canin, Bosh);

Of course, any dog fed dry food should always be fresh drinking water!

If Your choice is a natural food, make sure that the puppy is getting enough nutrients and micronutrients. Do not forget the role of calcium for the growing body. Do not feed the puppy scraps from the table. Still, the little toe of their needs in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. What better to feed a puppy toy Terrier . Breeders dogs rashodyatsya opinion. Some believe that the best dog is a well-chosen quality dry food. Others believe that the key to health dogs natural food. Others believe that it is more correct to feed the puppy Toya combination of natural products and dry food. In this case you should not give your puppy something, and another simultaneously: this can lead to an excess of any vitamins. Need combo meals: morning and afternoon dry food in the evening – natural. Or in other convenient sequence.

Rules of feeding

How to feed a puppy toy Terrier . There are a few simple recommendations:

Encourage your puppy to regular feeding. Puppies need to be fed at a certain time in the same place.

You should not give your baby delicious bites between meals – spoiled dogs can abandon the useful and necessary food, begging for treats. It is unhealthy for Your pet. If You are not able to reject your pet, give him treats for dogs (from specialty stores) and only after regular feeding.

No need to overfeed a puppy. At the same time it is not necessary to force him to starve. Some owners think that the lack of food will cause them that will be really petite. But actually feeding puppies toy Terrier is not the major factor of their growth. A lot depends on genetics.

Make sure that the baby is not allergic. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of Allergy to chicken protein or fish, are not uncommon among toy dogs and other purebred dogs. There are special food for dogs with allergies – consult your veterinarian and he will advise You the best for Your pet food.

If You took the puppy from the kennel, the first two weeks is to feed him something that he’s used in the same place, gradually adding in the diet of new products.

Do not give your dog fish bones and long bones of birds.

Feed puppy food at room temperature: not hot and not cold.

Useful for puppies toy baby curds and baby food without fillers.

Useful and harmful products

Is it possible to feed a puppy toy Terrier ? In the diet of the puppy must be present the following products:

Cereal (rice, oatmeal, buckwheat): it is better to cook it in liquid broth to cook porridge on the water, and then mix with meat;

Finely chopped beef or pieces of scalded beef liver;

Boiled chicken meat (also need to chop or mince);

Vegetables and herbs;

Dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, fermented baked milk;

Fish (fillet necessarily, perfect cod; the fish need to grind);

Eggs (boiled);

Vegetable oil.

It is recommended once a week to give your puppy (and later adult toyu) crushed a piece of garlic.

The question arises, what not to feed a puppy toy Terrier ? Do not give that pork, lamb, any meat products, sweets, beans, cabbage, milk, smoked and salted products as well as fruit. What else should not feed the little toe:

Fatty fish;

Raw eggs;

Boiled potatoes;

Flour products;

Cream, mayonnaise and ice cream;

Nourishing broths;

Pasta and white bread;



That is, for Toya banned all fatty, salty, spicy, and all sugar-containing products.

Such different puppies…

How many times to feed a puppy toy Terrier . depends on the age of the baby.

Puppies up to a month

In the first weeks of their life puppies should be fed mother’s milk. At the end of the third week of life the puppy can begin to accustom to the meat. Of course, it is not necessary to put before the toychik bowl full of off-cuts or chops: he won’t understand what it is. To properly feed a puppy toy Terrier pieces of meat, erased from frozen pieces (should give preference to the beef). First, one bite a day, then two, gradually, the amount of meat in the diet of the baby increases. On the 33rd day the baby is weaned from a mother, but up to three months, you can periodically let him suck mother. If for some reason the baby is deprived of mother’s milk, be patient, an eyedropper, baby food and goat, and then cow’s milk. In pet stores you can find special mixture for rearing of puppies.

Puppies 1 to 2 months

During this period the puppy is fed six times a day. At this age is to feed your puppy natural food, even if in the future You plan to feed your toy dry food. At least once a week it is necessary to give the baby fresh natural meat and boiled egg. In the baby’s diet should be dairy products, grated vegetables and raw fish (not a river!). As soon as the puppy stopped to eat mother’s milk, it is necessary to enter in the diet of calcium supplements (preferably in the form of special supplements for dogs).

Puppies 2 to 4 months

The diet of a puppy is about the same. Should give him cod-liver oil in small amounts. Now the puppy can be fed five times a day. His diet should be meat, cereal, dairy products. At the age of three months can gradually transition your puppy on dry food: it must gradually add to the usual food Toya. Portions of food are increasing with the puppy. If You decide to feed your baby ready to feed, then you can start with canned food for small breed puppies, and then gradually switch to dry food.

Puppies 4 to 6 months

Grown puppies are fed four times a day. With four months into the diet Toya add the vegetables. It is desirable not to give on an empty stomach, usually mixed with meat. The amount of feed continues to be gradually increasing.

Puppies with 6 to 10 months

Puppies should be fed three times a day.

Puppies from 10 months

Now puppies will be fed twice a day as adult dogs.

At any age, puppies need to eat balanced, so if You feed your toychik natural products, should add to his diet the vitamins. Before you enter into the diet of your puppy any supplements, consult your veterinarian or an experienced breeder. The main indicator of the right nutrition is the health of the puppy. And it can be judged by how good looking and how he the cheerful and playful. When making a meal for Your pet, consider his height and weight, activity level and other individual characteristics of the puppy. Health to You and Your pet!

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