Ferrets are very playful and inquisitive.

They well find a common language with a person amenable to training and great pranksters. So before you acquire such a pet, you need to know as much information as possible about its content.

Content. Ferrets are very freedom-loving animals, so in a small cage to keep them is impossible. The cell can only serve as a temporary shelter, such as when moving, or as punishment. Ferret burrowing animal and can penetrate into any crack, so inspect the apartment before you have a pet. It is very important to remove fragile items, wire, medical devices, detergents and cosmetics. Well in the apartment to have a great spacious cage for sleeping ferret and content while the owners are not home. In such a cell should stand tray, bowl, drinking bowl, a hammock and a bed. The ferret will need a house for shelter and toys. Toys should not be fluffy or rubber, as the animal may swallow the pieces. Fit tight latex toys. You can diversify leisure pet swings, mazes, climbing frames, tunnels and boxes with sand for digging. So your pet will be busy with something and will not play pranks.

In this article I will write about the Scorpion Babycurus jacksoni. After reading this article you will get all the necessary information about the nature of Scorpio, the degree of danger to humans, learn how to choose and how to arrange a terrarium for Babycurus jacksoni, cakaudrove need to keep in the terrarium with the Scorpion, as well as what to feed him.

Babycurus jacksoni is a small Scorpion with a rather interesting behavior. Adults grow to about 8 inches along the body. The average life expectancy, about 8 years. In nature we can say that the Scorpion is active, sometimes can be nervous and aggressive. It all depends on the individual.

In this article I will write about such unusual animals as the snail of Achatina . You will receive all the necessary information on the content of these snails, you will learn what she needs a terrarium and what conditions must be maintained in it, as well as learn what to feed a snail Achatina .

In recent years, the demand for large snails grew significantly and increasingly you can see this pet at home. And this is not surprising. Achatina very unpretentious and interesting animal, the content of which will handle even a child. By the way, highly recommend as a first pet for a small child to take just Achatina. The child will develop a love for domestic animals and a sense of responsibility. Besides, the kids love to feed such an animal.

In this article I want to write about the Scorpion Androctonus australis. You will get all the information about the nature of this species, will learn who and who not to get that Scorpion, you will learn how to correctly pick up his terrarium and how to arrange, what conditions need to be maintained in the terrarium with Androctonus australis, as well as what to feed him.

This Scorpion is one of the most aggressive, nervous and deadly species to humans! In any case it is impossible to make a home or apartment. The venom of this species is able to kill a fully healthy person is only 2 hours. To have newcomers and fans of this type is not recommended.

In this article I want to write about the safety precautions when handling the spider-the tarantula. Actually, this is a very important issue and the safety precautions necessary when dealing with peaceful views and with nervous aggression. I’ll tell you what you can do, and what not to do when keeping spiders tarantulas.

This article I decided to write not by accident. The Internet has become too many pictures and videos showing how potentially dangerous species freely roam the hands. From one video I was almost speechless, it’s an adult Heteroscodra maculata freely jumped from one hand to another, and the owner laughed and caught her. Just a lot of rollers on which Poecilotheria freely circulating. And examples a heap. I want to say is — do not in any way!

In this article I will write about the contents of spider-tarantula Tapinauchenius purpureus. Will include a brief description of this species, you will learn what he needs a terrarium and how to arrange, what are necessary conditions for juvenile and adult spiders Tapinauchenius purpureus, as well as what and how often to feed this spider.

Tarantula Tapinauchenius purpureus refers to wood type. This means that in the wild they live high in the trees or in the cavities of the trunk. The spider is not large, leg span up to 12 inches. The growth rate is above average. Lifespan, not too big. Females live more than 10 years; males live 2.5 — 3 years.

In this article I will write about the tarantula Stromatopelma calceatum. You will learn all about the nature of this spider who can and who can not make this kind of, how to choose the right terrarium and how to arrange for Stromatopelma calceatum, what conditions need to be maintained in the terrarium with this tarantula, as well as what and how often he should be fed.

Stromatopelma calceatum is a brightly coloured African arboreal tarantula. He looks a bit like Heteroscodra maculata, and the behavior is practically the same. Now about the nature of this spider. I can say this, this race is very unpredictable, very timid, in most cases, tries to run and hide than attack. But this does not mean that the spider can’t bite. He can bite without any defensive stance and instantly. If we add to this crazy movement speed and ability to jump, then we obtain a very interesting pet. In addition to all the qualities of spider has a fairly toxic venom, which very strongly acts on the heart and muscles. But if you will not take the spider in her arms, to tease him and carry out all manipulations in the cage through the small crack, nothing dangerous there.

In this article I will write about a very interesting bird spider Haplopelma vonwirthi . I’ll tell you about the characteristics and nature of this tarantula, he to pick up a terrarium and how to arrange what is necessary to maintain conditions for the successful maintenance of Haplopelma vonwirthi, as well as what and how often should I feed the tarantula.

Tarantula Haplopelma vonwirthi is obligatory nordicom. This means that the majority of the time these spiders spend in their burrows and rarely come to the surface. The spider can be seen on the surface during night walks or when he is hungry. So the first tip, if you want to see your tarantula as often as possible, do not overfeed him.

In this article I want to tell you about “mad orange” Pterinochilus murinus RCF . You will learn about the nature of this spider who can have and who cannot, how dangerous this tarantula, how to build him a terrarium and what are the conditions to maintain and what to feed Pterinochilus murinus RCF.

The tarantula Pterinochilus murinus has several color forms. The most famous is the RCF (red form, through which the tarantula was called a rabid orange). There is NCF (normal color form), TCF (typical color form), and DCF (dark color form). In captivity it is best to breed RCF and TCF.

In this article I want to write about interesting and unusual bird spider Pterinochilus chordatus. I’ll tell you how I got it, will write about his character, he needs a terrarium and how to arrange, what conditions must be maintained in the terrarium with Pterinochilus chordatus, as well as learn what to feed him.

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