Exotic Pets

As a rule, in the way allowed, we used to see cat, dog, birds, and even piglets. But in today’s world, people want something new, unusual, well, the main thing not like at all. Some students are doing to bring your desires into reality.

Here are some of the species throughout the animal world have long been considered exotic Pets such as dwarf marsupial flying squirrel, axolotl, pygmy Hippo, monkey-marmoset, Agama-Mwanza and many others. I don’t think many of you may know who they are and how to support them at home. Let’s look at a few of these species, now domesticated that they are.

Monkey-frisk lives in Western Brazil, in miniature size, about 10-15 cm and its tail is longer but: 20-21 see her Coat is silky, fine but thick, color mainly black and brown with a hint of green or yellow flowers. These species of monkeys live in pairs, and therefore their house should be kept in similar conditions to which they are accustomed. Eats almost everything: fruits, vegetables, cereals, food rich in protein. You need to contain them in well-equipped cell, i.e. it must be ropes, tree branches, stairs, and of course the house.

Pygmy hippopotamus, weighing 280 kg, with a height of 80-90 cm, length 180 cm, originating from Africa. The main thing for him to have next to the pond and pohodila the grass in the home is the pool and grass, which he will eat. It is well to tame, and good character. Live such begemotik 35 years.

About such exotic Pets, you can talk and talk. Is it necessary to keep the home, depriving them of habitat, you decide. Don’t forget that we are responsible for those who tamed!

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