Exotic animals

In today’s world of great opportunity and diversity are increasingly people, especially in large cities, chosen Pets are not a cat or dog, and even hamster, and some exotic animals. Contact owners of affected exotic animal veterinarians are not uncommon. Usually an appointment bring parrots and turtles, rarely lizards, snakes, other animals.

Most often disease of the pet is connected with the violation of the conditions or improper feeding.

“Daddy! Mom! Let’s take the dog! Well at least the cat!” It is difficult to resist the request of the beloved child, but they need quality care, requiring time and money. and parents are taking on a familiar and seemingly ordinary turtle or parrot, all the singularity which appears if you encounter any problems. And after walking around the Bird market in houses has unusual animals that are bought, not even knowing how to properly care for them or listening to the seller telling that to contain them is not difficult, you know, clean the cage, Yes the rash food.

A large number of exotic animals usually appear in summer. They are brought from the South, vacationers. Usually bring turtles caught themselves or purchased from sellers of “living toys”. And in that and in other case you risk.

The animals caught in the wild, usually sargentini and external parasites, which is not innocuous. Known, for example, cases of human infection with salmonellosis from reptiles. There is also a risk of infecting other Pets from decoyman animals.

Turtles, bought at poultry market, is also unlikely to please you for a long time. Most turtles fall into the hands of traffickers smuggled, as the export of legal is too expensive. Accident is transported in appalling conditions, caring for them somehow, and because of the customers gets sick or weakened animal, often infected from their sick brethren. Most often it is the herpes or cryptosporidiosis.

Some people home contain poisonous animals, grossly underestimating the danger that they represent. The slightest loss of vigilance on the part of the owner can turn into a real tragedy. Poisonous snakes, it is recommended to remove the venom glands, if the snake will be kept at home. In other cases, the house always needs to be a vaccine against the venom of this snake and all work in the terrarium should be prepared by the older people. A real threat in the house – the crocodilians or large pythons. This pet, reaching its actual dimensions, once could become master of the situation, exchanging roles with the person.

But back to harmless turtles, which, despite its apparent strength and stability of a hefty, yet quite gentle creatures, just the pathological processes are stretched, like all the others due to a slow metabolism.

If your turtle travels all the time around the house, sooner or later, under the influence of stress factors, adaptation mechanisms of the organism will fail, and the turtle will get sick. This is not a cat and not a dog, its in no event it is impossible to contain on the floor. First of all, crawling on the floor turtles high injury rate. The most common problem – they come owners.

If you have damaged the shell of his turtle, treat the wound with chlorhexidine, slapped a band-aid and seek help from a specialist. Frequent and injuries from other Pets.

In diseased turtles are loss of appetite, reduced activity, can become swollen, distort or soften the shell. The animal quickly disturbed integrity of the skin or starts its deformation. Signs of the disease are discharge from eyes and nose, forming crusts. In some diseases of the formed ulcers, mucous or cheesy plaque in the mouth. Indigestion, as a rule, the hole around the vent soiled with dried feces. Green color of feces indicates poisoning or internal bleeding.

What you should do to the tortoise remained healthy as long as possible. In General terms the rules are as follows. If it is a tortoise, it must be kept in a terrarium, keeping a certain temperature (daytime temperatures should be 25-30oC).

For the prevention and treatment of diseases of reptiles is very effective is the use of infrared lamps and UV radiation. The source of heat is better positioned on one side of the terrarium, and shelter for the animal on the other. It is best to find in stores for special bulbs for reptiles that emit ultraviolet light. Light day should be about 12 hours at night lighting off. The terrarium must be equipped with a water reservoir to maintain the necessary humidity and ensure reptiles for more drinking. The soil at the bottom is necessary, moreover, for each species of reptiles the ground picked individually. And, of course, need to maintain cleanliness in the cage, to make regular cleaning.

If the water turtle in the terrarium should be a pond and an island. Remember, water turtles contained no body of water, exfoliate the Horny plates of the carapace.

The diet should be appropriate for the type and sometimes the size of the reptile. A good appetite is an indicator of the health of the animal, however, not to overfeed their Pets. Feed should be varied and always fresh. Rotten food can easily cause various diseases in animals, and feeding the poor in micronutrients the diet leads to metabolic disorders. Often justified the use of special vitamin and mineral supplements, but before giving them to your pet, consult with experts.

Some species of reptiles in the winter hibernate. At home correctly to create the conditions for hibernation is difficult. Therefore, in order not to cause stress to the animal a sharp change, it would be better if the care will be the same as in the warmer months.

Unfortunately, there are cases of failure of the owners of sick exotic animals. During the year to the zoo and hospitals treated dozens of people who want to take their turtle grown iguana or crocodile, monkeys, and large wild cats, which became aggressive after puberty. Before making a decision to purchase an animal, thoroughly learn about him, read literature, socialize with happy owners (not sellers). Diet, lifespan, sexual maturation, the most frequent problems and their solutions are very important.

Remember, in safe hands, with proper handling, even a fastidious exotic animals can live in captivity is not worse than in the wild.

Golubeva Anna V. Veterinary centre Darwin

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