Do not rush with the decision

Pets love us unconditionally. It’s also great for our health – mental and physical. Caring for Pets can boost self-esteem. to prevent loneliness, and even reduce your heart rate and blood pressure in some people.

Pets can be great friends, companions and even nurses for children. But remember, only adults should be responsible for the maintenance and health of a pet. And before you get a pet in the family where there are children, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions. The right choice of animal for the house in which the child lives is a serious decision that all members of the family should be together.

Before you have a pet

A common mistake is when an animal is brought home random, impulsive decision without fully understanding the level of responsibility and extent of participation in his life. For example, many people buy rabbits for Easter, not thinking about the fact that 5 – 10 years a rabbit would in the family that will need all this time to care for animals. Moms and dads often come to the pet store or animal breeder to find a dog or cat for a baby gift for Christmas or birthday. But such purchases, as a rule, not thought out too, because later many guatieri discharged outside, or brought back, when it turns out that they have no one to care for.

Before buying any pet . talk to all family members, discuss expectations and responsibilities, as well as a realistic look at the lifestyle of your family. Weigh all the “pros” and “cons” before you buy a cat or dog:

How much care your pet will require you?

What role each family member will take care about a pet?

Who will feed the Pets, bathe him, clean his living space, if necessary – to educate and walk?

What kind of care will my pet need?

How large will be allowed to grow so as not to cause inconvenience in sharing accommodation?

Do you have enough space in your home for Pets, so that they can move freely?

If you’re thinking about how to take a dog, you must have a fenced yard, or place for walking close to home. Cats, birds, rabbits and other small animals in General can adapt to any space, but dogs need lots of space to run and jump.

Do you have any other pet?

Do you think it will peacefully coexist with the new pet?

Who will care for the animals when you are away? (for example, what will you do with the pet if you work long hours and children are left after school to practice in groups or sports clubs)

What to do with a pet, if your family travels a lot?

Someone in your family has a predisposition to allergies or asthma? If so, talk to your doctor about the possibility to have a pet, do the antibodies tests on certain animals. Or consider a variant – to make hypoallergenic animals that are less likely to cause allergic symptoms.

Before making a decision about buying any pet, think carefully and give answers to these key questions before jumping to take responsibility.

Wild animals are dangerous for the baby

Although the animals your child sees in the woods or Park, can be cute in appearance, they can also be dangerous as Pets – they are not used to being surrounded by people and can be a source of diseases that are dangerous to your child. People mistakenly believe that they can tame wild animals. Instead, you should teach children to stay away from animals in the wild, and never to touch, not to feed and try not to take the animal home.

What Pets should not have, if there is a child

But even then, you can purchase pet from a pet store, does not mean that it is safe for children. e recommended for children of such animals:

Reptiles – the animals which more than any other can contribute to transmission of Salmonella.

Dogs and cats can also spread the infection. For example, Pets that are often outdoors easily pick up ticks that cause disease such as Lyme disease. Only the use of effective vaccination and protective aerosols can help to reduce the likelihood of tick infestation of the pet. If you live in a wooded area, check your Pets for ticks.

Please note that some breeds of dogs are not recommended for persons the first time they give birth. For example, some large breeds, such as Doberman Pinscher, Dalmatian and great Dane may not be safe for the baby, because their bites can bring much more damage than smaller dogs. And, of course, you must avoid choosing a dog that was specifically bred to be aggressive (e.g. a Rottweiler).

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