Cinnamon is the happiest dog in new York

Many new Yorkers well know a dog named Cinnamon (Cinnamon), who lives with his owners, Andrew and Ashley. This is representative of one of the oldest breeds, which is called the Shiba inu. She was bred on the island Honshu (Japan). But that’s not it, but that Cinnamon all the time… smiling! Her smile is impossible not to notice. People stop on the street, seeing Cinnamon. In social networks it is called the happiest dog in the world.

Andrew became the owner of Cinnamon in March 2004. She was then six months. Since then, they never part. In July of the same year, Andrew married Ashley. Cinnamon didn’t mind. She even agreed to participate in the wedding ceremony. She was dressed in a dress and told me to hold in his mouth a basket of flowers.

The dog is already 11 years old, she had glaucoma and Cushing’s disease (a severe neuroendocrine disease). However, neither age nor illness had not altered her character. Andrew claims that Cinnamon, like a little child, requires constant attention.

“In the evening we sit down to watch TV. She starts to whine and does it until then, until one of us will call her and not Pat. Then the Cinnamon is laid on the sofa between us, and we took turns scratching her belly. She loved it! Cinnamon is a very obedient dog, but terribly offended when we leave her in the house. But we work, because otherwise you cannot. The neighbors never heard her without us whined or barked. And in the apartment she doesn’t spoil anything. Think, asleep, waiting for our return. But as soon as we approach the porch, as the Cinnamon begins to howl loudly! And when the door opens — look out! Rushes to us and starts kissing. It is possible and not to resist such pressure,” admits Andrew.

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