Breeds of domestic cats

Today in the world there are many different felinological organizations that develop standards and registration of breeds of cats. The standard of the breed is its full description. Each felinological organization has a certain number of registered breeds.

So you’ve decided that you are ready to become a happy pet owner. First you have to determine what breed of cat is right for you. Each breed has its own characteristics and quality, and is therefore suitable for certain types of people and lifestyles. Do not choose a specific breed based only on her appearance, because in the end, the breed may not be suitable to your outfit and lifestyle.

In our directory of cat breeds provides information about the history, appearance, health, character, care and cost of all breeds of domestic cats. We will help You select a breed based on your lifestyle, living situation and qualities that you would like to see in a cat.

What breed is right for you?

Directory of cat breeds

Abyssinian cat

The American cat

American curl

Balinese cat

Bengal cat

Price: 30 – 150 Tr

Burmese cat

Bombay cat

How to determine the breed of a kitten or cat?

People and cats live for many years.But if they become loyal and trusted friends is difficult to say. They say that cats get used to the place and people they see only as a convenient service. Listening to the stories of cat owners, it can be concluded that the joint life was not in vain for anyone. People would learn more about cat’s character, and the cats have learned to appreciate their big friends.

It has long been known that the house in which they live Pets, much happier and kinder. The choice of pet depends on many factors that must be considered, as each breed is unique. Also play a big role with your preferences and lifestyle. For many people, the determining factor is the difficulty in care, full employment does not allow to spend much time on the pet. Such people should opt for breeds with short hair that requires minimal maintenance. A lonely man needs this furry friend who’d love to meet him in the evening from work, and there will fit such breeds as the Russian blue or the British. Representatives of these rocks will find something to do while the owner is not home. In the process of creating the breed breeders invest certain traits and features of appearance of the animal, which define the behavior and appearance of a purebred pet.

Each breed has its own character, which is not always suitable family. Some breeds are especially active, are in constant motion, need constant attention and communication with the owner. Especially for jumping and active breeds need lots of space. If you have a large home, you should pay your attention to an Abyssinian or Bengal cat breed. Other cats are absolute calmness, quietness and do not need constant communication. If the family has or soon will have a baby, it is better to stay at a more quiet cat, such as Persian breed. If you want sociable and playful kitten, then you should definitely pay attention to Siamese cats. For families with a child needs a patient cat, and not many animals can withstand prolonged pulling and jerking of the tail, ears and paws. It should be recalled that geneticists and breeders have created decorative cat breeds for other purposes. The appearance of an animal in the house exciting and requires responsibility.

And how much love and care in the relationship of cats and the elderly. Elderly people often remain single, and with whom to talk, but with a fluffy companion. And the cat is listening closely and seem to understand everything. As there are no two identical people, no identical cats: each has its own character and its own destiny.

Don’t care if the kitten is taken from a shelter, or purchased in a well known kennel for big money. Love and take care of their animals, because they heal us from depression and poor health. What breed you choose, remember, it depends on you, what will be the relationship with the pet.

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