Basic rules and standards for the maintenance of water turtles

The world is diverse turtles, along with tortoises, there are land and aquatic turtles. Representatives of the seas not so accessible to fans of terrariums, but freshwater turtles found on sale often.

Times change, habits change people’s perspective on life. 15-20 years ago it was difficult to assume that in pet stores will sell exotic reptiles of all colors and stripes. Now they have become a kind of furnishings, decorating areas of stores, offices, apartments.

A family of freshwater Turtles (Emydidae) includes approximately 95 species in 33 combined type (meadow, marsh, trionics, box, spotted, etc.). Live members of the family of freshwater turtles in America, Europe, Northwest Africa and Asia. Many species of freshwater turtles have a bright color, the beautiful coloring of the head, legs and shell.

Most of the water turtles water dwellers, although there are species (e.g., box turtles) that have switched to living on land.

We will tell you about the most common types, are represented on our Pudong — red-the tortoise and the far East TrioniX.

Recall that the turtle is a reptile. Like all reptiles — cold-blooded animals and require heat,ultraviolet light, balanced feeding and vitamins and minerals.

Slider turtle

Named for a pair of yellow, orange or red spots on the head — “ears”, located on the sides of the head.

The length of the carapace ranges from 11 cm to 60 cm, depending on age. The shell is rounded-oval streamlined shape, covered with corneous plates of the shields, on the extremities of the fingers are connected by membranes, the fingers end in sharp claws. Head covered with soft skin.

Let’s start from the beginning with the “Lodge”. For the maintenance of freshwater turtles is required horizontal vivariums as they are more important than height. Aqua-terrarium should be spacious enough so that turtle could move freely. The size of it should depend on the size of the animal. The water part should be about 2/3 of the area of the terrarium, its depth depends on the size of the turtles. Shore of the basin should be shallow, as in nature, so that animals can easily exit the water.

The key success factors for keeping reptiles in the home: lighting, temperature, UV light, water filtration.

One of the most important factors is lighting.

Pereosvetit terrarium is almost impossible, and to save on lighting and unacceptable. Turtle — children of the sun. The turtles living at home aquaterrarium, need additional ultraviolet irradiation, because the lack of UV light leads to different diseases. On sale now, there are many varieties of imported UV lamps with different power and of different sizes, designed specifically for reptiles.

The water inside the terrarium, must be filtered through a relatively large and powerful filter. However, even with permanent filtration is necessary to do full or partial water change.

Each cage must have good ventilation. The only thing that one should not confuse ventilation with drafts. Reptiles are afraid of drafts, they are susceptible to colds. The water and air temperatures should be approximately equal.

Young turtles should be fed once a day and adult turtles once per few days. Turtles need to feed or prepared feed imported or home-made food, but with the addition of vitamin and mineral supplements. If you decide to feed your turtle food, cooked at home, it should consist of: lean marine fish, shrimp, squid, gamarus, bloodworms, molluscs, small aquatic snails, etc.


This soft-shelled turtle with a long neck and three fingers with sharp strong claws. Features of the structure of these turtles due to their purely aquatic lifestyle. Most of the time they spend buried in the soft ground — fine sand, silt or small stones, podkaraulivaya their prey. The water level should be such that the turtle could reach the air, not escaping from the soil.

TrioniX is a predator, so don’t try to feed it plant food. You should always remember that it is impossible to contain different species of turtles within the aquaterrarium.

At observance of all rules of feeding, housing and disease prevention your turtle will long to please you health, beauty, and good appetite.

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