Animals also can love the music

92002Scientists have shown that many species of animals have the ability to enjoy music. In addition, Pets such as dogs and cats, individual tastes and Pets of the same species like different kinds of music. Especially important to be able to listen to your favorite music for a young animal, the growing organism develops.

Some hits that contain more soft “molecada” sounds that attracts cats, they RUB against the speaker, relax and behave more calmly. For most animals is very important, purity of sound, sweetness of tone and volume. They also have your favorite tunes and groups of performers. It was noticed by the group of scientists from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. They founded the project with well-known composers, who have developed a special music for cats, this case first came from David and Thea has managed to create the first focused on cats a single.

While developing used the natural vocal tendencies of cats, which was the basis for the music in the same frequency range, she unlike the man on a couple of octaves higher, so not all performers like cat lovers. The music for this listener needs to be multifaceted and mnogotonnaya otherwise it will remind them for the concert on the same instrument. Researchers gradually lost ringtones for 47 cats and their owners. For reasons of clarity, along with newly created songs has been played compositions by Bach and Gabriel fauré. These songs were taken for the reason that they love fish and livestock, but cats just ignored the music as it came to them, tones, specially designed melodies were different, but a strong reaction.

Cats have special glands at the root of the tail, sides of the head, legs and other body parts, when they thrash them about surrounding objects, it shows the highest degrees of pleasure. Plays fauré and Bach’s pupils listened quietly, and at a new tune began to RUB on the speakers and the speakers, trying to show the maximum admiration. The study included cats of different breeds and age groups, breed differences in sound perception was not, but managed to notice that young and old cats are more vividly and passionately reacted to the music. The project was created to study the behavioural response of the species and to understand how to facilitate the stay animals without an owner in a shelter or in-patient treatment. Such exposure helps to tolerate unpleasant moments in the life of your pet. Professor Snowdon said: “Despite the total independence of cats, separation with the owner is very oppressive effect on your pet and it can significantly impair health and complicate treatment and psychological rehabilitation”.

Nowadays there are many projects to create music for certain types of animals in shelters and zoos. This allows easier maintenance in captivity and improve control. Kazutaka Shinozuka and his colleagues from Keio University also studied the effect of music on certain species and found that in all animals a different perception and reaction to music tones suitable for them. But most people prefer classical music that is written for humans.

Modern music is not very well accepted by animals, although some species of primates respond well and rest from hard rock.

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